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Emperor's Royal Guard

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Emperor's Royal Guard

Star Wars


Red hands
black hands
2014 redesign


Black spear
Red helmet
Red cape


2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2014 - 2016

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An Emperor's Royal Guard, also referred to as an Imperial Royal Guard or just a Royal Guard, were the personal guard of Emperor Palpatine. A guard would carry a force pike as a weapon, and they were all dressed in red. They were trained as great warriors, and were known as the best, being suitable for guarding important Imperial figures.


Royal Guards have red arms and legs, and the torso piece has red cloak details. They also have black heads and a red helmet. Royal Guards come with black spears which are supposed to be Force pikes and red capes.

Video game variants[edit]

In LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Imperial Royal Guard's abilities consist of the following:

  • Can plug into staff sockets


The Emperor's Royal Guards were some of the most elite of the Empire's forces, used to guard mainly Emperor Palpatine, but were sometimes used by other important Imperial figures. They were hand picked by the Emperor and under went intense training. Failure usually meant death. Out of a class of 40 cadets, only 5-7 survived training. The Royal Guards were wiped out mostly after the Battle of Endor. Notable Royal Guards include Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax.



Video game appearances[edit]

Movie appearances[edit]

Gallery of variants[edit]

Emperors Royal Guard.jpg
Red handsBlack hands2014 redesign

Video game variants[edit]

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