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Security battle droid

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Security battle droid

Star Wars


2002 variant
2007 variant
2011 variant
2014 variant


Reddish-orange-tipped black megaphone blaster
Black blaster


2002, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014

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A security battle droid is a Star Wars minifigure first introduced in 2002.


To date, four versions of the security battle droid have been released. The first has a tan leg piece, with a red body that has tan printing on the front to give the appearance of a battle droid's body covered with red security markings. The droid also has two tan curved arm pieces, and a tan battle droid head piece, with a strip of red printing on the back of the head. This variant of the security battle droid came armed with a reddish-orange-tipped black megaphone blaster.

The second version of security battle droid was released five years later. This variant had a simpler design than the first, featuring no printing on any of the pieces, and the body piece came in a darker red. It also had one straightened arm, so that it could hold its black blaster.

A third variant was released in 2011, with the only difference between the second being that like the first variant, it featured tan prinitng on the front of the piece. The security battle droid was again armed with a black blaster piece. Sets released in 2012 used the less detailed second variant.

The latest version of the security battle droid was released in 2014. This version of the droid was similar to the third, retaining a tan printing design on the front of the body, and also has dark red printing on the back of the head. Like the previous three variants, this security battle droid wields a black blaster.

Video Game variants[edit]

"Battle Droid (Security)" is a playable character first seen in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, and shares a likeness to the original physical Security Battle Droid released in 2002. This character has the ability to fire its megaphone blaster. These droid also appear as enemies in the levels "Negotiations", "Escape From Naboo", "Retake Theed Palace", "Droid Factory", "Jedi Battle" and "Chancellor in Peril". Battle Droid (Security) can also be used as a playable character in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy if "Use old save" is enabled and save data is present on the same device from the first LEGO Star Wars with the character unlocked. This droid appears again as a playable character in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, retaining the same roles as it did from the first game.


Security battle droids were battle droids which specialised in the areas of security. They were given more advanced programming and free thought than the standard B1 regular battle droids so they could detect threats better, and were used mainly for security purposes such as guarding prisoners. These droids were usually aboard Trade Federation battleships and command bridges, acting as guards, and were also seen in prisons and other facilities on planet surfaces.


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