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Clone Pilot

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Clone Pilot

Star Wars


Phase I (The Clone Wars)
Phase II (small helmet logos)
Phase II (open helmet)
Phase II (redesign)
Phase I (Episode II) [1]


Old gun
Blaster rifle
Black blaster pistol


2005, 2006, 2008-2011, 2013-2015

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The Clone Pilot is a minifigure of the Star Wars theme, based upon the character from the Star Wars universe.


There are currently five variants of Clone Pilots:

One as seen in Star Wars: Episode III where the clones are in a blue and white suits; another from The Clone Wars line, where the clones are in white armour, but have yellow markings and red Republic symbols on the helmet, similar to Clone Pilot Oddball. Star Wars: Episode III where the clones' faces are revealed within the helmet, the latter is more accurate to the movie, see the Ep. III one with revealed face here: 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter and below. This new clone pilot is similar in appearance to Captain Jag, except for less helmet detail, and it has two Open Circle Fleet insignias. The pilot features the same reversible face as Captain Jag, in addition to the new torso design.


The Clone Pilot is a Clone trooper specially trained in flying or piloting various vehicles. Many were seen flying starships such as V-19 Torrents, ARC-170 Starfighters, Republic Gunships, and Attack Shuttles.


Video Game Appearances[edit]

Gallery of Variants[edit]

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Clone Pilot 8088.jpg
75021 Clone Pilot.jpg
V Wing Pilot 2014.png
Phase II armourPhase I armourPhase II, 2009 designPhase II, 2010 designPhase I, 2013 designPhase II, 2014 designPhase I, 2015 designPhase II, 2015 design


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Blaster rifle
Black blaster pistol +
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