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Sulfurix (rock monster) See Lava Monster



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Combustix is a yellow Lava Monster. He is the first lava monster, and is lead by the lava monster leader, Eruptorr, along with the Firax and Infernox. Combustix is similar in colour to Sulfurix, though his carapace is a slightly darker, more drab yellow. The crystal he holds, however, is the same colour as Sulfurix's. It is likely that Combustix monsters are heated Sulfurix, due to the fact that Firax monsters are super-heated Firox monsters. They are described as being gooey and messy. Unlike most Lava Monsters, he isn't mentioned on Its name is related to "Combustion".


Combustix is made up of four parts, a head and a body with two arms. The head has transparent yellow spikes sticking up from it the rest, like flames, and is mostly Trans-Yellow with some grey rock-like printing. The bottom-front of the head has two jaggedly printed eyes. The body is able to be disassembled into three parts, the body and two arms, but is only considered one piece, as the parts are pre-assembled in-factory. The arms, like all minifigures, are able to hold correctly-sized objects perpendicularly. However, their wrists do not turn like the normal minifigure, and their hands are also much larger. The third piece is the main part of the body. It is mostly made up of transparent yellow plastic, but has areas of black printing on it which gives a rocky effect. The head is attached via hinge, allowing entire top of the head to flip open. When open, the inside of the body is revealed. It is hollow and can hold a crystal inside, even with the mouth closed.