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Power Miners


Atlantis Diver
Power Miner
Lava Protection Suit


Pick Axe
Diving Helmet
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2009, 2010, 2011

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This article is about the Power Miner minifigure. For the Hero Factory minifigure, see Brains (Hero Factory).

Brains, also known as Dr. Brains, is the scientist of the Power Miners, and later a member of the Atlantis Expedition. The first Atlantis variation of Brains had a tan moustache, but the second variation had a grey moustache. His Atlantis variation also had a different eyepiece.


Brains looks much like he is named, much like an intelligent individual. His looks vary depending on the theme, but on either appearance, you are able to tell that he is the same person. In both themes, he had an eyepiece that covered one eye, and a mustache that was a tan/gray colour. In the Power Miners theme he wore a unique suit, as did each Power Miner. While with the Power Miners, his eyepiece simply attached via a "bar" to the side of his head. Possibly either his helmet or ear. The actual eyepiece was just circled around his right eye. In Atlantis, the eyepiece appeared more like glasses with one glass much larger than the other. The "bar" went out both sides, and one small eyepiece circled around his left eye. It appears as though it had no meaning except to hold the larger eyepiece in position. The larger eyepiece was also a large circle, but it had a green piece of glass covering the eye. On the piece of glass is a red triangle with a circle around it. Brain's Atlantis clothing is also similar to that of all the other divers. The only difference with it is that all the green in the other diver's suits is substituted for yellow on Brain's suit.


Brains initiated the Power Miners operation, and acquired the self-motivated directive to bring a Rock Monster to the surface to be studied. He always drove a vehicle or machine that somehow was able to capture a monster. The vehicles used for digging and mining were driven by the other miners. He obtained his nickname, "Brains," from Rex when they first met. When the Power Miners disbanded after completing their mission in 2010, he joined the Atlantis Expedition crew, which lasted for another year. In the Atlantis theme, he operated only one vehicle, the Deep Sea Raider. He was the scientist of both crews.


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Brains in his
Power Miners suit
Brains in his
Lava Protection suit.
Brains in his
Atlantis diving gear

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