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Drome Racers
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2002 - 2004

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Drome Racers is a subtheme of Racers. It started in 2002 and was discontinued in 2004. A Drome Racers videogame was released in 2002.

LEGO.com description[edit]

146 km in diameter, with over 540 km of roads and seating for nearly 4 million spectators, the Drome is one of the largest man-made structures in the world and certainly the most amazing racing arena in human history. Designed entirely by Dromulus himself, the Drome took three years to build, along with 2 billion tons of steel, 6 billion tons of concrete, and enough sheet aluminum to cover a small country.


  • There were 6 teams: H.O.T., R.E.D., Nitro, Zero, Exo Force and Maverick.
  • R.E.D. stands for Racing Extreme Design and H.O.T. for High Octane Team.
  • There were 3 online games. One of them was a LEGO Club member-only racing game in which you raced other member's cars based on your car's power-ups and strength. You could race in the city, desert, jungle, and snow zones, each of which had different challenges testing your cars. You would start at Rank E and move your way up until you were Rank A, unlocking new cars and pieces to buy along the way. Each car could equip a chassis, engine, and wheel part, among which were bump missiles, suspension, grass gutters, all-purpose coating, and speed boosts.
  • The series had an elaborate storyline, with comics in every instruction booklet, plus 2 series of online comics & a 4-D movie at LEGOLAND parks.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 4297  Lightning Streak          
No image 4298  Blue Power          
No image 4299  Quiky Racer          
No image 4308  Yellow Racer          
No image 4309  Blue Racer          
No image 4310  Orange Racer          
No image 4582  Red Bullet          
No image 4583  Maverick Storm          
No image 4584  Hot Scorcher          
No image 4585  Nitro Pulverizer          
No image 4586  Stunt Race Track          
No image 4587  Duel Racers          
No image 4588  Off Road Race Track          
No image 4589  RC Nitro Flash          
No image 4590  Flash Turbo          
No image 4591  Star Burst          
No image 4592  Red Monster          
No image 4593  Zero Hurricane & Red Blizzard          
No image 4594  Maverick Sprinter & Hot Arrow          
No image 4595  Zero Tornado & Hot Rock          
No image 4596  Storming Cobra          
No image 65062  Racers Turbo Pack          
No image 8350  Pro Stunt          
No image 8353  Slammer Rhino          
No image 8354  Exo Force Bike          
No image 8355  H.O.T. Blaster Bike          
No image 8356  Jungle Monster          
No image 8357  Zonic-Strike          
No image 8358  Off-Roader          
No image 8360  Track Racer          
No image 8363  Baja Desert Racers          
No image 8364  Multi-Challenge Race Track          
No image 8366  Supersonic RC          
No image 8370  Nitro Stunt Bike          
No image 8371  Extreme Power Bike          
No image 8376  Hot Flame RC Car          
No image 8378  Red Beast RC          
No image 8380  Red Maniac          
No image 8381  Exo Raider          
No image 8382  Hot Buster          
No image 8383  Nitro Terminator          
No image 8384  Jungle Crasher          
No image 8385  Exo Stealth          
No image 8469  Slammer Raptor          
No image 8471  Nitro Burner          
No image 8473  Nitro Race Team          

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