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Duke Exeter

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Duke Exeter
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LEGO Universe



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Duke Exeter is a famous warrior knight and master of disguise. He appears in LEGO Universe.


Doctor Overbuild hired infamous pirate Hael Storm to find Duke Exeter, because Hael knew the Knight's whereabouts. Baron Typhonus and Doctor Overbuild needed Duke Exeter, as he alone knew where an ancient structure on Gallant 5 was. That structure held an essential clue to finding the Nexus of Imagination. He led Baron's group to the structure on Gallant 5, which gave the needed information on the location of the Imagination Nexus. When the Nexus was corrupted, Duke jumped in front of Doctor Overbuild and sacrificed himself to a flare of the Maelstrom to save the Doctor. Doc then used his imaginative powers to rebuild Duke. Duke's sacrifice demonstrates his chivalry. Once the source of imagination was corrupted, Duke and his fellow mates split up into factions. He formed his faction, The Sentinels, to be the protectors and warriors of the Universe. He taught many minifigures how to defend others and go into battle bravely.