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Modular Buildings

Expert is a sub-theme of Creator introduced in late 2012 with the introduction of 10233 Horizon Express. These sets feature large, detailed, buildings and vehicles aimed at experienced LEGO fans.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10232  Palace Cinema          
No image 10233  Horizon Express          
No image 10234  Sydney Opera House          
No image 10235  Winter Village Market          
No image 10241  Maersk Line Triple-E          
No image 10242  MINI Cooper          
10243 alt1.jpg 10243  Parisian Restaurant  2469  5   $159.99 / €149.99  January 1, 2014 
No image 10244  Fairground Mixer          
No image 10245  Santa's Workshop          
No image 10246  Detective's Office          
No image 10247  Ferris Wheel          
No image 10248  Ferrari F40          
No image 10249  Winter Toy Shop          
No image 10251  Brick Bank          
No image 10252  Volkswagen Beetle          
No image 10253  Big Ben          
No image 10258  London Bus          
No image 5001925  Horizon Express Kit          


  • The Modular Buildings series now feature the Expert logo on it's sets from 10232 Palace Cinema onwards.
  • Following the release of 10248 Ferrari F40, a new Expert logo was introduced, featuring 6 interlocking 1x1 white headlight bricks, as opposed to a yellow banner.