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LEGO Agents Squad
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LEGO Agents Squad is a theme based on Ultra Agents. The Story takes place in 2028 when the Futuristic Look Expanded.


Season 1[edit]

Chapter 1 - The Voodoo Cult[edit]

Captain Zones born on Arrah in 2020 creates a group called Agents Squad Consisting of Axel Stones, Barbara Brown, Lucas Baker and Spike Drake. Axel gets an Incoming Call from Asren the Protector of the Utah Swamp, he tells him that a Voodoo Cult has Formed. Axel then Calls Barbara, Lucas and Spike. They Enter the Agents 4 Jet and head of to Utah where they meet with Asren. The Gang then finds the Voodoo Cult and face their Voodoo Cult Master. The Gang is Victorious but Master Mind appears and takes Voodo Cult Master to his base so he can Rest. The Gang head back to the Base so they can track Master Mind. Captain Zones shows a Secret Map to Master Mind Inc.,the gang head of to Master Mind Inc. where they face Cyborg who guards Master Mind's Throne Room. They defeat Master Mind but he Escapes and leaves them with Voodoo Cult Master to finish them off. The Gang is victorious but Voodoo Cult Master uses the teleportation device to escape once again. Then Axel says "Whenever a Villain Comes out of the Shadows, the Agents Squad will bring them to Justice".

Chapter 2 - Rampage on the Arrah Streets[edit]