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DC Universe




Batarangs and utility belt which contains uncountable accessories and gadgets


2015 - the future



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Batman is a DC comics character.


Early Years

Bruce Wayne was a young boy when his parents were killed by a mugger in Crime Alley after they were coming home from watching the film, The Mark of Zorro. Bruce inherited the Wayne fortune and lived in Wayne manor under the care of the family butler, Alfred. Wayne grew up and traveled the world learning martial arts and cultural things. He got his inspiration when a bat flew through the window of his study. He invested his fortune into making a bat persona for himself. He became a wealthy playboy billionaire by day and the shadowy, mysterious vigilante, the Batman, by night.


Batman quickly made a name for himself in Gotham, taking down muggers, and murderers at night. He eventually set out to catch mob bosses such as Carmine Falcone. His presence in Gotham eventually called for better criminals seeing as he was capturing all the petty ones. Some crooks and even citizens made themselves alter egos to be able to face Batman. Some had reasons while others were just insane. Some of these events such as Batman's pursuit of the Red Hood inside of ACE Chemicals led to the birth of The Joker after Red Hood plunged into an acid vat on accident . Edward Nigma had an obsession with puzzles and mind games, especially riddles, evolving him into the Riddler. Eventually all these villains became Batman's Rogues Gallery. He has fought with and beaten them time and again. He eventually met Superman and that eventually led to Batman's becoming a member of the Justice League.


One day at the circus, acrobat family the Flying Graysons were gearing up for more stunts in the Big Top tent. While walking there, the Graysons and their son, Dick, met the Drake family and started up a conversation. The Drakes said that the when they saw that the circus was in town they decided to go, and take their little son, Tim Drake, who had't ever been to the circus before. Dick promised that he would preform his act especially for Tim. In the Big Top, Bruce Wayne is awaiting the Graysons trapeze act without a net, along with the crowd. The Graysons arrived and began their act, but during the trapeze stunts, the trapeze came loose and the Graysons, not having a net to save them, fell to their doom. Amidst the horrified crowd's confusion, Bruce slipped away and changed into Batman. He arrived on the scene in costume, and promised Dick he would find their killer. Dick said it was the mob boss Tony Zucco who had a vendetta against the Graysons when they didn't pay his protection fee. He fiddled with the trapeze which lead to the demise of the Graysons. Bruce took Dick in as his ward and dubbed him Robin, Batman's new sidekick. Together they defeated Zucco and Dick decided to stay as Robin.

Jason Todd and A Death In the Family

Batman found Jason Todd trying to steal the tires off of the Batmobile one night. Batman decided that, instead of handing Jason over to juvie, he would take him as a ward in his Bruce Wayne guise. Thus, Jason became Dick Grayson's successor to the mantle of Robin. Later, Jason discovered that his father had been working for, and then was killed by, Two Face. Batman and Robin went after Two Face and took him down. When the moment of truth came, and Batman stood watching Jason stand over Two Face, Jason turned, and walker away from Two Face. Dent was taken into police custody and Batman thought this could be a new day. Bruce was happy with Jason's decision not to take vengeance on Two Face especially because he had been noticing that Jason had a mean streak. Jason had a lot of aggressive energy to work off. After taking down a ring of child *censored*, Bruce took Jason off duty for awhile. Jason used this time to try and figure out who is mother was. He eventually narrowed it down to three choices. Meanwhile, The Joker had escaped. Joker apparently has a cruise missile, and is going to sell it to a foreign government. Jason takes a plane flight and leaves the country, looking for his mother. Alfred tells Bruce, forcing Bruce to make a serious decision. Bruce chooses the Joker. By fate, Bruce and Jason and the Joker all went to the same country. Batman and Robin stopped Joker, who escapes in the confusion, and his cruise missile, which exploded. the first woman, Sharmin Rosan, wasn't Jason's mother. Bruce and Jason move on, while Joker is seen booking a flight to Addis Aaba, Ethiopia. bruce and Jason continue to look for the next person on Jason's list, which takes them to a terrorist camp. Infiltrating it, they find that the second woman on Jason's list, is the martial arts instructor for the terrorists. Batman begins to fight the woman who, it is reveled to be, Lady Shiva. Batman and Robin overwhelm and defeat her. Batman injects her with a truth serum and asks her if she has ever had any babies. She said no. Bruce and Jason move on. The last woman, Sheila Haywood, who is in, shockingly, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Joker finds her tent amidst the locals and blackmails her into helping him. Bruce and Jason later find her tent after the Joker leaves. She recognizes Jason and it is revealed that she is his true mother. Bruce leaves and gives them time alone. As Jason leaves, he sees the Joker entering his mother's tent and decides to follow them against Bruce's orders when they leave in a truck. Jason's pursuit of the Joker and his mother takes him to a warehouse where he is ambushed by the Joker and betrayed by his mother. Jason is knocked on the floor by the Joker who grabs a crowbar and starts brutally beating Jason with it. Sheila Haywood watches and then turns away. When finished, the Joker ties Haywood to a column in the ware house and sets a bomb. Jason, barely able to move, unties Haywood. Haywood tries to open the door but finds it locked. Batman arrives just in time to see the warehouse explode. He finds Sheila Haywood and Jason in the wreckage, who both die.

Years later, Talia Al Ghul resurrected Jason using the infamous Lazarus Pits. Jason returned to Gotham, enraged that Batman hadn't killed the Joker. Jason used the persona of the Red Hood, the original persona for the Joker. Jason currently is the Red Hood.


  • If the lighting is too dark too see, I SWEAR this is a custom.

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