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Fan:C-6861 X-2 Patrol Craft

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C-6861 X-2 Patrol Craft

Red Classic Spaceman


Classic Space



[[Category:Customs by Camotoy]]

The X-2 Patrol Craft (Set "Custom 6861") is a model based off the Classic Space set 6861 X-1 Patrol Craft.


As I was searching through my LEGO collection, I found the transparent green 2 x 1 3065 piece. Recalling the set that my astronaut (who I personally call Frank) came in, I set out to make a modern version of that ship.

The Custom Set includes curvy pieces to represent an up-to-date ship, and the "iconic" transparent green piece, and a classic wheel for steering, like the old days. It contains one laser (above the cockpit) and one engine, a big improvement from 1980.

The Minifigures' Story[edit]

This was one of the first models commissioned to build for Classic Space. Originally for defending the occasional Blacktron when it was around, the model became for goofiness.


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