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Hello! I am Camotoy, an imaginative and playful LEGO fan. My favorite LEGO themes are Blacktron II, Bionicle, Classic Space, and Exo-Force, while The LEGO Movie, Ninjago (the old ones) and Galaxy Squad are among others in my less bountiful favorites. My favorite The LEGO Movie character is Benny!

LEGO History[edit]

I was introduced to Duplo at a young age, collecting Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. My first LEGO set I can recall was 7700 Stealth Hunter, and from that point on I collected the first year of Exo-Force. I collected all the Toa Metru, Piraka, Toa Inika, and Toa Mahri Bionicle series.

My LEGO Brick Scale, From 1 to 5[edit]

Test Brick
Plate Brick
Regular Brick
Transparent Brick
Gold Brick

Friend List[edit]

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