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Fishface is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minifigure released in 2013.


Fishface consists of five parts. The first is dark pink and is shaped like a large, mutated fish. The piece has small, yellow eyes, large, sharp teeth, and an orange breathing system. The piece also has a large fin that has a chunk missing and a long tail. He has two light pink arms on each side of his body. He also has two ridged, metal legs that are exclusive to his figure.


Xever was an Brazilian street urchin. He attempted to steal a briefcase, but was captured and imprisoned, until the owner of the briefcase, Oroku Saki, who found Xever's skills may be useful to the Foot Clan, so he employed him for jobs such as stealing and assassinations. But Xever formed a rivalry with Shredder's star pupil Chris Bradford.

When Shredder discovered his old enemy Splinter was in New York and had a clan, he traveled there and ordered Xever to assist Bradford in finding Splinter and the turtles. Many unsuccessful attempts were made. In one attempt, Xever and Bradford are cornered by the turtles. In an effort to take the turtles down with him, Bradford stabs a tank of mutagen. Mutagen pours out, turning Xever into a large fish like creature (due to him previously touching an exotic pink fish).

Xever's legs were lost in the mutation, so Shredder, seeing that Xever was useless to him if he could only fight in water, employed Baxter Stockman to build Xever bionic legs and a breathing apparatus. Stockman struggled at first, but then Karai brought him some stolen Kraang technology. Stockman used this advanced alien equipment to give Xever better control over his legs. Upon seeing Xever's new form, Michelangelo nicknamed him Fishface.

Stockman trapped the turtles, Fishface and Dogpound in a giant death trap filled labyrinth, but they managed to reach Stockman, and he escaped at the last minute.

When Splinter came to rescue April O'Neil from Shredder's clutches, he easily defeated Fishface by knocking him into the water as he retreated with Dogpound.

He is one of Raphael's arch-enemies, alongside Spider Bytez.


  • Fishface features the same arm pieces as Gollum (Part:10058) but in dark pink.