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The Kraang

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Damaged Krangdroid
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The Kraang is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minifigure released in 2013. They appear in three sets so far.


One version of the Kraang is a new mould, while the other two are minifigure variations.

From 79100

The Kraang from 79100 is made out of two parts. The first part is an unprinted, pink minifigure head that fits underneath the other one. The second part is a special mould made exclusively for this figure. It is pink and ridged with six tentacles coming out from it. The part also has two yellow eyes.

Rockefeller Center Variation

The Rockefeller variation is of the Kraang in its robot body which, in turn, is in a human disguise. It has black, slicked over hair and a double sided head. The face printing features half of his face robotic with the other half light nougat with eyebrows, cheekbones and a mouth. The back has some robotic printing. The front of his torso features a ripped light blue suit with the pink Kraang peeking out from one of the rips. The back printing features a large, substantial rip with the back of the Kraang alien visible. His leg piece is baby blue and has his left leg of his pants, torn with metal parts showing.

From 79104

The variation from 79104 a head with printing on both sides. The front side features a purple and silver robotic face while the other side has purple and silver robotic printing. He wears a grey jetpack between his head and torso. This variation also has a double sided torso. The front features a robotic harness to hold the Kraang alien in, with robotic appendages going off into his arms and legs as a way to control them. The back of his torso shows the back of the harness holding the Kraang alien and the appendages. His leg piece features the continuation of the leg appendages and metallic toes.


When Splinter first saw them, he was human and held the not yet mutated turtles. When he intruded they attacked him (they failed to do so) and dropped their ooze, causing the turtles and Splinter to mutate.

They are the main antagonists of the series, and the only villains the turtles fought for the first 3 episodes, but they not the most serious enemy, and are rather clumsy and funny, until the thirteenth episode onward, where they were actually a serious threat, using a massive invasion to try and steal a power cell from a powerful mutant known as Leatherhead. Leatherhead trusted Michelangelo with the power cell, while he held off the Kraang.

Their hideout was the TCRI building, in plain sight. They also used the power cell stolen from the Shellraiser to power up a dimesional portal. The turtles broke into TCRI by using Leatherhead to destroy the first floor of security. The Kraang used the portal to bring in a powerful being known as "Traang". All hope seemed lost until Leatherhead caught up with the turtles and viciously attacked Traang. Despite his massive power, Traang was indestructable, which left Leatherhead no choice but to drag him back through the portal, while sacrificing himself in the process. The turtles did not want to retreat, but with the fully functional portal, and a large army of Kraang, they had no choice.

They speak in a very complicated and redundant manner calling themselves "Kraang" and the turtles, "the ones known as the turtles", and frequently talking about the place where something is. The Kraang are brain-like aliens who inhabit robot humanoids in order to gain speed, the ability to hold things and a disguise.

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