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Forest Fire

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Forest Fire




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Forest Fire is an online game from


As the game loads, players are entertained with a mini-game. In the mini-game, you must move the firefighter and try to catch the water and try to avoid the fire. This is similar to the mini-game from Team Up.

The main objective of the game is to put out fires with the 4427 Fire ATV, the 4208 4x4 Fire Truck, the 4209 Fire Plane, and a vehicle from the 4209 Fire Plane. There are 18 levels to complete. Each level features a small area with containing an arrangement of trees, bodies of water, dirt, and grass. Dragging the vehicles with the cursor directs them to the fires and around the trees, which block the vehicles' way. When the vehicles are next to a fire, they will begin to put it out. The fires also block the vehicles' way. In later levels, once all the fires on screen are put out, more will take their place. All fires must be put out to complete the level. The objective is to complete the level in the fastest time possible. If the vehicles run out of water, they can refill by stopping next to a body of water. Also, collecting a certain amount of blue bricks causes the Fire Plane to fly overhead dumping water, partially or fully extinguishing the fires. There are certain achievements that can be earned after finishing a level.

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