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Forest Raceway

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Forest Raceway




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Forest Raceway is an online game from


While the game loads, there is a mini-game similar to those in the other Forest Game Hub games, where players control a Patrol Car and steer it from side to side, collecting falling golden trophies and avoiding falling boulders.

In the game, players control a certain vehicle and drive it through a racecourse, using the spacebar to accelerate and using the left and right arrow keys to steer the vehicle. The objective is to complete three laps in the fastest time possible. Beating the three vehicles raced against in each race as well as completing each race under a certain time allow the user to unlock awards. At the beginning of each race, players must choose the vehicle they want to race with and may also upgrade their selection of vehicles if they collected pieces of gold in their previous race. Each piece of gold collected allows the player to upgrade one of the chosen vehicle's stats by one point. At the beginning of the game, players can choose to race with a crook ATV, a dirt bike, a patrol, a 4x4 fire truck, an ambulance, or a big drilling machine. More vehicles, however, are unlocked as the player progresses through the game. Each of these vehicles have different levels of engine power (represented by an engine), speed (represented by a wheel), traction (represented by a wheel and some dirt), and weight (represented by a weight).

As one races, there are a variety of obstacles and power-ups to collect or avoid. Power-ups include temporary shields, temporary speed boosts, and gold pieces, while obstacles range from things like boulders and fences, which slow a vehicle down when it hits them, to dynamite, which launches the vehicle into the air.

In addition to the twelve levels, there is a feature allowing players to create their own level.