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Homemaker Figures were the figures used to represent people within various Homemaker sets from 1974 through 1982. They are composed of a head piece and one of several different types of hair pieces, with the rest of the body usually built from basic System bricks.

These figures appeared alongside the Legoland minifigures. The first traditional minifigure was released four years later in 600 Police Car in 1978. After their introduction, minifigures were used together with Homemaker figures to represent a baby or a doll.


  • Some hair parts (man, woman) can be assembled in two configurations because they have two front sides, enabling to change the hair dressing with the same part (turning it). This allows, with the same part, to have both the boy and the man hair dressing, or the girl and woman hair parts.
  • The arms could be made of several lengths (1 or two) because they are made of several parts. This helps to recognize adults (double length) from kids (single length).
  • The arm parts have been used later for other purposes, like for the arms of 6880 Surface Explorer or the 6822 Space Shuttle. In this new usage the arms have been replaced with grippers, for instance. The colours have moved from vivid colours (blue, yellow, red) for clothes to technical colours (grey, white) for arms and technical systems.
  • The head has three attachments, two on the side (ears) one on the top. Hair pieces are fixed on the two ears and hats on the top.


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