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1997, 2001 - 2003, 2005

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Infomaniac is a LEGO minifigure from LEGO Island. His first appearance was in 1997, in the 5731 LEGO Island Video Game, and later in both of the LEGO Island sequels, 5774 LEGO Island 2 (The Brickster's Revenge) and Island Xtreme Stunts. His first physical appearence was included with some copies of 5731 LEGO Island, he later appeared in the Island Xtreme Stunts theme, in the 6740 Xtreme Tower set, and then in the 9247 Community Workers set.

The Infomaniac, in the Information Centre


Infomaniac is the Creator of LEGO Island. He built the Brickster almost 40 zillion years ago. When he told the Brickster he was going to make a new Minifigure, the Brickster went ballistic, stole some bricks, and went into space to make his own island. The Infomaniac is the player's helper throughout the game and gives advice to you. He lives in the Information Center. In LEGO Island, he speaks to you through your headset, and can be found in the enter/exit game room (from which you can also teleport to certain locations and see video clips about LEGO Islanders). In LEGO Island 2, the Brickster stole the Constructopedia because he was asleep. He leaves the infocenter because of that, resulting in you being able to speak with him. In Island Xtreme Stunts, the Infomaniac helps the director film movies, and he can be found on the mountain at the first landing site.


  • He is a close friend of Dr. Kilroy from the Adventurers theme.
  • His torso is similar to that of Dr. Cyber's from the Time Cruisers theme.
  • He appears as a minifigure included with the LEGO Island game.
  • He has appeared in three sets, with a different physical appearance for each.


Video Game appearances[edit]