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Keith Severson

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Keith Severson
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Notable works:

Senior Manager, Community Support at The LEGO Group (2013–2015)

Keith David Severson is the former Senior Manager of the Community Support Team at the LEGO Group.


Keith Severson grew up in Minnesota, United States. He attended the University of North Dakota and graduated with a degree in industrial technology with a focus of manufacturing/composite processes. Over the years he worked several jobs involving engineering and later management. In November 2011, Keith was employed by the LEGO Group as a project manager for research & development engineering and quality.

In July 2012, Keith took on a role of Project Manager within the Shopper Marketing Agency (SMA) at the LEGO Group where he assisted in various projects to improve the LEGO shopping experience at key retailers across Europe. In June 2013, looking for a fresh new area in the business to explore, he accepted the role of Senior Manager of the Community Support Team. One of three teams housed within the LEGO Community Engagement (LCE) department. Keith was responsible for managing an existing team of regionally based Community Managers comprising of Kevin Hinkle, Jan Beyer, and Kim Thomsen. Keith retired from the LEGO Group on April 30, 2015 to be closer with his family in the United States.

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