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King Kahuka

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King Kahuka
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1999 - 2001
2009 (Video Game Only)

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Me, King Kahuka, beat you like tribal drum…
―King Kahuka in LEGO Racers

King Kahuka is the leader of the Islanders. He appears in 4850307 LEGO Battles in the Pirates section. He is however most notable for his appearance in LEGO Racers, as he is the boss of the second circuit.


Kahuka is the king of the Islanders. He has two sons, Thu and Kotu, with a woman named Amaritza.


Video Game Appearances[edit]


  • In LEGO Racers, he is the boss of the 2nd circuit.
    • Before the first race, he says, "I will beat you like tribal drum!" then does a victory dance and later says, "Ooh ah ooh ah!" He is arguably the easiest boss, as King Kahuka uses only very defensive tactics throughout each race, though this makes it difficult to attack with red or yellow bricks.
  • In DK Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection, his name was misspelled "King Kuahka" instead of "Kahuka".
  • In Bricks And Pieces Magazine, he was named Chief Quextil.