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The Knight is a microfigure introuduced in the LEGO Games subtheme Heroica in 2011. It is a character with the special ability in game to move two spaces and defeat any adjacent monster as a single action. This special ability is mimicked by the sword weapon available in-game from the store.


The Knight is a proud and decorated warrior in the army of Ennon. He is able to outfight and outmaneuver even the cleverest of foes. He was stationed far from Castle Fortaan at the time of the invasion and was unable to stave off the monsters' attack. He has returned to fulfill his duty to protect the kingdom.


  • The Knight's description in the hero quiz is: "10-12 points. You have a very strong sense of justice, you play by the rules, and you are not afraid to take charge if you or your friends are wronged in any way. To maintain a healthy balance between duties and fun, may we suggest you engage in the occasional alphabet burping competition?"