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The Kragle.

The Kragle is a powerful superweapon used by Lord Business in The LEGO Movie.

Description[edit | edit source]

Despite being hailed as a "powerful superweapon", The Kragle is nothing more than a bottle of Krazy Glue with some of the letters rubbed off, where only the letters "Kra Gl e" are visible. Its cap had been hidden by Vitruvius in order to stop Lord Business from gluing the whole world together. The bottle is about three inches long, and the end is rolled up, suggesting that some glue has already been used. The logo 'Krazy Glue', but now reading 'Kragle', is printed on the tube. On the end, there is a ridged endpiece, which has two different levels of size. This culminates in a long, thin, pointed tip, which is used to squeeze out the glue.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Kragle, after being loaded into an appropriate machine, squeezes out the contents. The glue then travels through pipes and into sprayers, which then spray objects. Immediately, the objects are frozen in the position they were in when they were sprayed. In The LEGO Movie, Micro Managers were then used to place citizens and objects in such a way as to look like 'normal'.

Discrepancy[edit | edit source]

In The LEGO Movie, it seems that only one half-used tube of Krazy Glue was used to glue together Lord Business' entire fleet of Super Secret Police Dropships, glue Ma and Pa Cop, as well as glue together several dozen citizens of Bricksburg.

Gallery[edit | edit source]