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Livi Star

    Pop star


Earth blue skirt
Azure dress
Purple dress


Glass of water


2015, 2016

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Moonbeam Blossom, stage name Livi Star is a Friends mini-doll figure released in 2015.


Livi Star has long bright reddish violet hair which curls towards the bottom. The hair is straight at the top and her fringe is swept to the right side. Her hair has two places for hair accessories at the top and left. Livi has light nougat skin. She has curved black eyebrows over her violet eyes. Beside her right eye she has two blue stars. Livi has a small button nose and a closed smile decorated in bright purple lipstick. Her arms, hands and legs are always bare leaving them light nougat. Her outfits vary depending on the set.

In 41104 Pop Star Dressing Room she wears a dark stone grey top with a low neckline. Over the top she wears a warm gold halter nesh, which is made out of circle and sparkle shapes. She wears a warm gold layered skirt and medium lavender and warm gold striped shoes.

In 41105 Pop Star Show Stage her torso is mainly silver. Four white rectangles with sliver sparkles are printed at the top. The bottom of the torso has triangles outlined in white, some filled with blue. She wears it with a layered silver skirt with white flat shoes with matching anklets.

In 41106 Pop Star Tour Bus her torso shows her wearing an open medium lavender sleeveless jacket. The jacket is with various black outlined pockets and light stone grey buttons. Behind her jacket she wears a plain sleeveless sliver shirt with a low cut neckline. She once again wears it with a layered silver skirt with white flat shoes with matching anklets.

In 41107 Pop Star Limousine she wears her dark stone grey top with a low neckline again. Over the top she still wears the warm gold halter nesh, which is made out of circle and sparkle shapes. She wears it with an earth blue layered skirt and medium lavender shoes and anklets.


Livi Star is a famous teenage pop star who is touring Heartlake City. She is friends with Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie and brings them on her tour as her opening act, The Heartbeats. Livi loves singing, dancing, her fans and animals such as her pet dog, Cookie.

In LEGO Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

Livi has a much different approach in LEGO Friends of Heartlake City. She is a judge of a talent show, which the girls are entering.


RegularJacketGoldEarth blue skirtAzure dressPurple dress



  • She is the only Friends character to have a full name or a secret idenity.
  • She is the only Friends character to have their hair completely dyed. Livi dyed her hair bright reddish violet as tribute to her parents' candy shop.
  • Livi's real name is Moonbeam Blossom but chose Livi Star as her stage name.
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