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This article is about the Friends character. For the Scala character, see Olivia (Scala).


    Jungle Rescue
    Pop Star


Pink top, dark blue skirt, light pink tights, and white boots
Amber vest, lime green trousers, and medium lavender sandals
Amber vest, light pink skirt, and white shoes
Magenta top, light blue skirt, and white shoes
Light pink top, lime jeans, and medium lavender sandals
White top, dark blue skirt, and medium lavender shoes
Light pink top, sand blue skirt, and shoes
Lime top, dark blue skirt, and shoes
Magenta top, dark blue trousers, and shoes
White top, purple skirt, and shoes
Pink top, purple skirt, and shoes
Pop Star


Ice cream cone
Life preserver
Flower hair clip


2012 - 2017

[List of appearances]
It's easy, or at least we can figure it out.

Olivia is a Friends mini-doll figure introduced in 2012. She is one of the five main characters of the theme and the protagonist of the television series LEGO Friends of Heartlake City, appearing in all seven episodes. She is the smart girl of the group of friends. She currently appears in twenty sets and has seventeen variations between them. Olivia also appears in thirty-eight of the forty-eight Friends webisodes.


Olivia has seventeen variants, all of which have the same hairpiece. The headpiece's eye colour was initially amber in 2012 but was later changed to a rust brown colour.

Olivia has light nougat skin. Olivia's eyes are currently rust brown in colour. Above her eyes, she has curved black eyebrows. She has a smile, which is decorated with pink lipstick. Like all of the female mini-doll figures, Olivia has a small rounded nose in the centre of her face. Her hairpiece depicts long, brown, wavy hair. Olivia's hair is swept to the left, but it has a loose large strand that falls over the right corner of her forehead. There are two holes in her hairpiece; one on the top and one on the left. These holes hold bows and other accessories, like crowns and sunglasses. All but one of Olivia's variants depict her with light nougat arms and hands.

In 3065 Olivia's Treehouse, her top is pink with a large white outline in the shape of a heart. There are three smaller hearts surrounding it: one white heart to the left and two lavender hearts to the right. She wears an dark blue layered skirt with light pink tights and white boots.

In 3315 Olivia's House, 3184 Adventure Camper and 30102 Desk, Olivia wears a medium lavender short skirt. She also wears light pink ballet shoes. Her top is the same one she wears in her Treehouse variant, a pink top with a large white heart-shaped outline. There are three smaller hearts surrounding it: one white heart to the left and two lavender hearts to the right.

Olivia as she appears in 3933 Olivia's Invention Workshop

Olivia's outfit in 3933 Olivia's Invention Workshop includes an amber sleeveless vest decorated with pink love hearts with white outlines, as well as pink curvy lines and dots. The outfit is combined with lime jeans with magenta butterflies printed on the bottom right side. She also wears medium lavender sandals.

In 3937 Olivia's Speedboat, she has the same top she wears in her Inventor Workshop variant, an amber sleeveless vest decorated with pink love hearts with white outlines, as well as pink curvy lines and dots. In this variation, Olivia wears a layered light pink skirt with white slip-on shoes.

In 3316 Friends Advent Calendar, Olivia wears an aqua jumper which is decorated with magenta spots and hearts and an dark blue snood. This is the only variant of Olivia to wear sleeves, which are aqua in colour. Olivia wears a layered dark blue skirt with light pink tights and white boots.

Olivia as she appears in 41003 Olivia's Foal

In 41003 Olivia's Foal, she wears a light blue short skirt, while her legs are light nougat and her shoes are white. She has a magenta top, the left side of which is printed with a white heart and white swirls and dark blue swirls hearts. The top of the torso is printed with a white stripe across it.

In 41010 Olivia's Beach Buggy, Olivia is seen in her second beach outfit, wearing a light pink halter top. The top of the halter top is outlined in magenta, and the right corner also has magenta outlined flowers, a palm tree, and a wave. She also wears lime jeans with magenta butterflies printed on the bottom right side. On her feet, she wears medium lavender sandals.

In 41026 Sunshine Harvest, Olivia wears a white sleeve-less top printed with a picture of a dark blue branch with light purple flowers. She combines the top with an earth blue layered skirt. She also wears lavender shoes with matching lavender anklets.

In 41030 Olivia's Ice Cream Bike and 21208 Resort Designer, Olivia is wearing her light pink halter top again. The top of the halter top is outlined in magenta, and the right corner also has magenta outlined flowers, a palm tree, and a wave. Olivia's skirt is sand blue, which she wears with sand blue shoes. Each shoe has a magenta stripe around the top.

Olivia as she appears in 41033 Jungle Falls Rescue

In 41033 Jungle Falls Rescue Olivia is wearing a light lilac shirt, where at the top there is a white collar. Around her neck, she wears a magenta ascot. To the right of the ascot there is a small magenta Jungle Rescue logo. At the bottom of Olivia's torso, there is a black outlined pocket on the left and right side. Beneath her torso, Olivia wears and sand green skirt with white and olive green trainers, which have magenta laces.

In 41034 Summer Caravan, she is wearing a lime top with white stripes. Printed on her torso at the right side is a picture of a magenta dolphin, a magenta starfish, and magenta seaweed surrounding them. Olivia's skirt is sand blue, which she wears with sand blue and magenta shoes.

In 41090 Olivia's Garden Pool, she appears in her swimwear. Olivia wears a purple bikini top with a bright orange heart in the bottom left corner surrounded by white swirls. She wears a magenta towel wrapped around her waist and legs. On her feet, she wears dark blue sandals.

In 30202 Smoothie Stand, Olivia wears her magenta top again. The left side is printed with a white heart and white swirls and earth blue swirls hearts. The top of the torso is printed with a white stripe across it. Olivia wears dark blue trousers with dark blue and white trainers, tied with light blue laces.

In 41100 Heartlake Private Jet, she wears a white top. It has an azure collar with a badge clipped at the right side. The badge features a purple heart outlined in white. Behind her collar, she wears a white and purple striped top. There is a black zip going down her torso from the collar. To the left of the zip there are two circular azure buttons. At the sides of the torso there are two pockets outlined in black. She wears this torso with a purple skirt and purple and magenta shoes on her feet.

She wears an updated version of her normal top in 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel. The top is still bright pink but the neckline is greatly lowered.
Olivia as she appears in 41103 Pop Star Recording Studio
The low neckline is partly covered up by a white undergarment. The white outlined bright magenta heart is now pushed to the right side. The three smaller hearts surrounding it, one white heart to the left and one lavender heart to the right. Another lavender heart is placed over the large heart. The white heart has five dots to the left of it. Olivia wears her purple skirt with purple and magenta striped shoes on her feet.

In 41103 Pop Star Recording Studio, she is dressed in a white shoulder top. The top has one strap, which is outlined in bright reddish violet. The top is decorated with light stone grey dots in the centre. Near the waistline, there is a bright reddish violet and small spaced out rectangles to its side, forming a belt. She once again wears her sand blue skirt and sand blue shoes, which each have a bright reddish violet stripe circling the top.

In 41107 Pop Star Limousine, she wears a dark blue sleeveless hoodie. The hood has two light royal blue tassels that emerge from the front. It is connected to the lustrous gold zip that goes down the torso. The bottom corners of the torso display light blue pockets. There are five lustrous gold markings under the pockets and seven lustrous gold markings on the top sides of the zip. Underneath her jacket, she wears a light blue undershirt. Olivia also wears a medium lavender skirt and light pink ballet shoes.

Olivia wears a science themed top in 41116 Olivia's Expedition Car. The top is lime, with a magenta neckline. There's a magenta nucleus in the bottom right corner, with white shells orbiting it. There's various magenta heart shaped electrons on these shells. Olivia wears her purple skirt and purple and magenta shoes.

Olivia's Adventure Camp outfit, has her wearing a sand green vest. The vest has two corner pockets and has a knot tied around her top, all of which are outlined in dark green. Olivia's top is made up of light pink and magenta stripes. She wears a magenta layered skirt with white and mangenta shoes, that have magenta laces.

In LEGO Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

Olivia's regular variant can be seen in every LEGO Friends of Heartlake City episode

Olivia has ten different outfits in the theme's television episodes. She always wears a bright purple hair band in her hair. In her regular variant, she is very similar to her appearance in 3315 Olivia's House, 3184 Adventure Camper, and 30102 Desk, except resembling a human more closely (apart from the hair). In this representation, Olivia has finger nails and a pointier nose.

Her second variant portrays her in swimwear. Olivia wears a medium lilac bikini top that has bright orange hearts printed on its right side. Printed on Olivia's chest is an earth orange navel. Olivia wears a flame yellow, orange towel wrapped around her legs. On the right side of the towel, there is a bright reddish violet heart that has six bright reddish violet circles going up to a bright reddish violet star. On her feet, she wears medium lilac flip flops.

Olivia's third variation again shows her in swimwear. Olivia wears a light royal blue, bright red, and white striped bikini top. Her navel again shows. Olivia wears a light royal blue towel wrapped around her legs, accompanied by red flip flops.

Olivia's fourth variation is based on her appearance from 41003 Olivia's Foal. They are the same, except the top of the torso is missing the white stripe across it.

Olivia's fifth variation depicts her in her riding gear. Olivia wears a black horse-riding helmet over her hair. On her torso, she sports a bright reddish jacket, which she wears over her white dress shirt. The top part of the jacket is open, revealing the shirt. Olivia wears long white trousers with black boots.

Olivia's sixth variation is the animated version of her variation from 41026 Sunshine Harvest.

In Olivia's seventh variation, she wears a fruit dress. The dress is bright yellow and has dark orange pineapples printed at the bottom. At the top of the dress, in the right corner, there is a bright orange sea star stuck to it. There is a bright red cherry placed on the right of her hair band. Olivia wears earth blue sandals.

Olivia has a jungle variation for her appearance on Friends of the Jungle. This variant is based upon her appearance in 41033 Jungle Falls Rescue, minus the pocket printing.

Olivia's ninth appearance depicts her in a medium red dress. The dress has a bright yellowish green band tied around the stomach. Olivia wears medium red heels with the dress.

Olivia's tenth variant portrays her in her science lab coat. She wears a long white coat with long sleeves. The coat has a zip printed in medium stone grey and medium stone grey pockets at the bottom. The coat is open at the top and reveals a black shirt. Olivia wears a black skirt, her shortest skirt to date, and black shoes.

Olivia's eleventh appearance depicts her as a background dancer for Andrea. Olivia wears a metallic bright pink dress with a layered bottom. She has a bright yellow 2x4 brick on her right hip. On her feet, she wears bright yellowish green shoes with matching anklets.

Olivia's twelfth appearance shows her in her Science Camp outfit. Olivia wears a bright purple v-neck, that's sleeves and neckline is outlined in white. In the top right corner of her top there's six white strands of D.N.A. surrounding a bright red atom. Olivia wears a sand blue skirt and white trainers.

In Olivia's thirteenth variation she wears a medium lilac eye piece. Olivia once again wears her lab coat. This time she wears it with a bright purple undershirt, long black trousers and medium stone grey trainers.

Olivia's fourteenth outfit recreates her outfit from 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel.

In the webisodes[edit]

Olivia in her pyjamas

Olivia has twelve webisode variants. Similar to how she is portrayed in LEGO Friends of Heartlake City, she is designed to look like a human, but this time she is 2D animated as opposed to CGI. Like in LEGO Friends of Heartlake City, she is rarely seen without her bright purple hair band.

Olivia's regular variant is based on her appearances in 3315 Olivia's House, 3184 Adventure Camper, and 30102 Desk, and it's only the webisode version of this variation.

Similarly, her second webisode variation is the only webisode version of her variation from 41026 Sunshine Harvest.

Her third variation depicts her in her party clothes. Olivia is wearing her light purple halter top again, but this time it is in light royal blue rather than light purple. The right corner has white-outlined flowers, a palm tree, and a wave. Over her top, Olivia wears an open bright purple jacket, the sleeves of which extend down to her elbows. Olivia wears a purple band on each of her wrists. Olivia's skirt is layered and coloured flame yellowish orange. She wears white and bright purple trainers that are tied with white laces.

Olivia's fourth variant is based off her jungle variation from the sets. They are same excepting the shoes, which in the webisodes bright purple trainers tied with white laces.

Olivia fifth variant portrays her in a pink version of her jungle outfit. Olivia is now wearing a light purple shirt, her ascot is now a paler pink than before, and her skirt is now bright reddish violet. The shoes, bright purple trainers that are tied with white laces, stay the same.

Olivia's sixth variation is based off her appearance from 41034 Summer Caravan and is the only webisode version. This, her pyjamas variant, and her hippy disguise variant are the only variants not to feature her signature hairband.

Olivia's seventh variant portrays her in her pyjamas. Olivia wears a light purple top with sleeves. There are bright purple butterflies all over the jumper, including the sleeves. Olivia's trousers are light royal blue. Her slippers are aqua and they each have a light purple fluffy stripe through them.

Olivia's eighth variation portrays her in a hippy disguise. She wears a dark brown hair band with a light purple rose on the right side. She wears transparent bright bluish-violet circular sunglasses over her eyes.
Olivia in her hippy disguise
To complete the look, she wears a blue, bright red, bright reddish violet, and medium lilac medium sleeved shirt.

Olivia's ninth variation recreates her appearance from 30202 Smoothie Stand.

Olivia's tenth variation portrays her dressed in her Pop Star outfit, though it is not the same as it is in either of the sets. Olivia wears a bright purple sleeveless top. There are three diagonal thick bright reddish violet lines on the front. The centre line has white stars printed on it. Olivia wears a medium lilac skirt with bright purple sandals. The sandals are each decorated with a slightly darker bright purple flower. Over her hairband, Olivia wears medium lavender sunglasses with black lenses.

Olivia's eleventh variation recreates her appearance from 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel.

In her twelfth variation, Olivia is wearing her vet wear. Olivia wears an azure buttoned shirt, which is unbuttoned at the top, revealing her white undershirt. Her shirt has an earth blue rescue logo in the left top corner. In the right top corner, there is a pocket. She wears the shirt with a bright reddish violet layered skirt and light purple ballet shoes.

For her thirteenth variation, Olivia wears a medium lilac sombrero, which is light stone grey on the inside. Olivia wears a sleeved medium lilac jacket. There are two light stone grey lines going down through the sides of the torso. To the bottom sides of the lines, there are several light stone grey squares and rectangles. Olivia wears a bright red bow tie around her neck. Under the bow tie, there are various white and bright yellow badges. Printed at the top part of each sleeve, there is a light stone grey triangle. On the bottom part of each sleeve, there are several different shapes. Olivia's trousers continue on the line going down the centre print from the torso. The side of the legs have various light stone grey buttons.

In Olivia's fifteenth variation she wears a medium azure blue bikini top. The top is decorated by one white and one earth blue stripe on each side and an earth blue rescue sign on the right. Over the top is a bright reddish violet whistle. She wears bright purple swimming trunks.

Her sixteenth variation shows her when she was five years old. Olivia's much smaller, her hair is shortened and her cheeks are redder. Olivia wears a bright purple tank top and layered medium lavender skirt. On her feet she wears bright reddish violet shoes.

Olivia's seventeenth variation recreates her appearance from 41103 Pop Star Recording Studio

In LEGO Friends: The Video Game[edit]

Olivia's regular variation is the same as her newer versions in 3315 Olivia's House, 3184 Adventure Camper, and 30102 Desk, except she has bright purple slip-on shoes with matching anklets. Additionally, her hair is missing its fringe and is slightly darker in colour.

Her science variation

Olivia also has a science variation where she wears a lab coat. In this variation, Olivia's torso shows the top half of her white lab coat. Printed at the top is a light purple undershirt. Also printed on the torso are medium stone grey creases, buttons, and pockets. The bottom half of her lab coat is a long dress with the same shoes (bright purple slip-on shoes and matching anklets) as her other in-game variation. Olivia also wears transparent safety goggles with a black outline at the top.

Olivia's third variation variation recreates her appearance 41010 Olivia's Beach Buggy.

Her beach variation portrays her wearing the same skirt and shoes as her regular variant. She also wears a bright yellowish green bikini top with a white outline. Over the bikini top, she wears a bright reddish violet and white lei.

Olivia's fifth variation recreated her appearance from 3933 Olivia's Invention Workshop.

Olivia has a variant portraying her outfit as she appears in Andrea's band. She wears a white medium sleeved top. At the top of the the torso is a black outlined collar, and at the front is a bright reddish violet tie. She wears a medium lilac skirt with bright purple slip-on shoes and matching anklets.

In-game appearance in Resort Designer[edit]

Her in-game appearance does not change from LEGO Friends: The Video Game in Resort Designer excepting the shoes. She now wears bright light purple sandals.

Olivia has the ability to build a building for the resort once you show her the designs. If you tap her, she will wave, dance, do a science experiment, or turn Zobo on and off.


Out of the five friends, Olivia is the smartest girl in the group. She is the daughter of Peter and Anna, and the niece of Sophie. She has one sibling, a younger brother named Izzy. The two do not get along well and Izzy constantly tries to prank her, but she is "unprankable". The family recently moved to a house in Heartlake City. She lives with her parents, brother, dog named Scarlett (who was given to Olivia by Sophie), and cat named Kitty. Olivia has several other pets: another pet cat, Maxie; a pet foal, Snow; and a pet parrot, Goldie. She takes care of all her pets frequently. Olivia has four best friends, Andrea, Emma, Mia and Stephanie. She is also friends with Andrew, Christina, Chloe, Danielle, Ella, Ewa, Isabella, Kate, Katharina, Lily, Lacy, Liza, Livi, Jacob, Julian, Nicole, Noah, Martin, Matthew, Maya, and Robert.

Olivia on her speedboat
Olivia enjoys many activities, such as taking care of her foal and meeting at hangouts with her friends. Olivia likes hanging out at her house, her invention workshop, the café, the mall, her Treehouse, and anywhere else her friends are. Olivia loves going on trips to the beach, where she rides around the sand on her beach buggy and cruises around in the sea in her speedboat. Olivia also celebrates Christmas, and enjoys doing so. Besides her five pets, Olivia also seems to enjoy minding and caring for other animals. Olivia has taken care of 18 different animals under the friends animals sub theme. Olivia has also rescued Flame, a baby tiger cub who was in peril at a waterfall in the jungle.

Olivia's favourite colour was initially pink, and she wore it a lot. Her favourite colour was later changed to blue to suit her more tomboyish personality, and she started wearing it more frequently. Her favourite food is barbecue, especially Peter's. Olivia also loves fruit, and her favourite fruits are lemons and strawberries. Olivia also likes cupcakes, cherries, and ice lollies. Olivia wants to be either a scientist or an engineer when she's older. Other things she loves are her friends, science, school, drawing, inventing things, building, nature, hiking, her pets, her family, photography, and history. Olivia likes music and plays the piano, guitar, and keyboard. She plays the keyboard for her and her friend's band, The Heartbeats. The pop star Livi invited the friends on her Heartlake City tour after she heard them play. She has dabbled in animal midwifery and has delivered three foals, including Snow. She also has some skills in robotics, as she created a pet robot named Zobo in her workshop.

Her personality is friendly, kind, shy, calm, and sweet, but sometimes her friends think she can also be stubborn.

In LEGO Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

Olivia was upset that she had no friends, as it was two weeks since she moved to Heartlake City. Her Aunt Sophie told her that she arranged for her to meet Mia at the stables. Later, a woman gave Sophie a puppy called Scarlett, as she could no longer take care of her. Sophie gave Olivia Scarlett as she was too busy to mind her at that moment. Olivia accidentally let go of Scarlett's leash and she chased her around Heartlake City. While she chased Scarlett, she bumped into Jacob, Emma, Stephanie, Andrea, and lastly Mia. Olivia apologized to everyone and they quickly forgave her. When Scarlett and Mia's horse Bella both ran away, Olivia helped find the two animals with the other girls. The girls decided to enter Scarlett in the World Petacular. Olivia trained Scarlett for entrance into the show. It took time, but she eventually reached her goal. Olivia returned to her house and fell asleep straight away. When she awoke, she opened her eyes to a fully decorated room, as Emma decorated it while she slept. The girls then gave Scarlett a makeover. Later, the stage of the World Petacular fell down, but Olivia saved the day with her blueprints. After Scarlett won the World Petacular, the woman asked for Scarlett back. Sophie then claimed Scarlett was already adopted and gave her to Olivia. Olivia then danced at Andrea's performance.

Olivia and her crush, Jacob

Olivia was part of a team in preparation of Stephanie's birthday party. In order to keep Stephanie unaware of the surprise, she had to lie to her that she was going to help Sophie at the vet, when she was in fact really engaging in the conspiracy. Olivia and her friends later discussed Stephanie's surprise party at her treehouse. Andrea then taught Emma, Olivia, and Mia the dance routine. Olivia turned out to be awful at the routine, but practiced and eventually got better. After the dance rehearsal, Jacob came and Andrea asked him to put up the lights for the party, to which he agreed, but only so he could impress Olivia. Olivia and her best friends, minus Stephanie, took a picture in the photo booth for Stephanie's present. They also went out and bought her a rabbit hutch for Daisy. After they surprised Stephanie at the pool, Olivia flirted with Jacob. Olivia then danced with her best friends.

Ms. Stevens arranged for Olivia's class to make a project to protect dolphins to prevent them from trapping themselves in fishermen's nets. Olivia and her friends suggested putting a radio in the fish nets, with the radio broadcasting the noise of orcas to scare the dolphins, thus sending them swimming away. The team was then rewarded for the project. The five were excited when they were invited on a dolphin cruiser trip as the prize. They accidentally forgot to take Emma, who went to go back to her car to fetch her camera. Olivia quickly went back to the shore on a water scooter and brought Emma back on board. When the friends were lost at sea and Olivia was unable to fix the ship's G.P.S., the dolphins directed the ship back to Heartlake City.

Olivia unable to steer the tractor

Olivia was talking in the juice bar with Andrea, Emma, and Stephanie when Mia bursted in the door. Mia invited the girls to the sunshine ranch, as she believed Moaca was going to have her foal. Olivia and the others excitedly agreed to go to the ranch. Once Olivia arrived there, she went horse riding with Mia and Stephanie. Mia's Grandmother asked the girls to help her do the chores on the farm, and Olivia did hers on a tractor. She did not know how to drive the tractor properly, however, and she drove it into the wall of the ranch. The neighbour, Martin's father, was furious and demanded the girls had to pay the cost to fix the hole of the ranch. Amongst these events, Olivia noticed that Stephanie had a crush on Martin, Mia's neighbour, and told her to go for him. Olivia realised she made a mistake upon discovering Emma had already told Mia to go for Martin. At dinner, Andrea suggested the girls could raise the money to fix the ranch by making a lemonade stand, which the girls agreed on. Olivia and her friends made and sold the lemonade at the market. Olivia then danced with her friends when Andrea started singing.

In Emma's Dilemma, Olivia was first seen at the beach. Olivia was with her friends and they talked about how they were going to enter the float competition to celebrate Heartlake City's 200th anniversary. Later, the friends met up at the juice bar and discussed their ideas for the float, but they did not listen to Emma. When the girls went to Stephanie's beach house to build the float, the upset Emma did not join them. Instead, she helped the Stephanie's arch-rival Tanya and her friends. Olivia worked twice as hard to make the float, as she knew Emma was not there to help. After the friends finished the float, Olivia was underwhelmed at the size and appearance of it. Nevertheless, the girls bring the float to the competition. When the rival teams saw Jacob and his friend's float, they were shocked by the size and beauty of it. Emma convinced the teams that the only way they can win is if they work together. Olivia helped put the two floats together and waved on the combined float during the parade. When it is revealed Olivia and company won the float competition, Jacob congratulated her and the two ran off to dance.

Olivia with Sophie at her wedding

In the next episode, Olivia was in the process of helping Sophie pick out a bridal gown, but Olivia was interrupted when she got a call from Matthew. Matthew informed Olivia that his uncle (and Sophie's future groom) Henry went missing in the jungle. Olivia decided not to tell Sophie, as she believed it would worry her, though she did tell her friends. Mia and Stephanie decided they will accompany Olivia to the jungle, while Emma and Andrea stay with Sophie and stall her. The girls hopped on a jet and flew off to the jungle, where Matthew greeted him on his off-roader. Matthew then brought them to base camp. Matthew told the girls that Henry went missing when he went to demon falls. Olivia unsuccessfully tried repeatedly to locate Henry, but never managed to find him. Amongst one of the searches, Olivia bumped into Andrea, Emma, and Sophie, who demanded that she had to come when Andrea and Emma told her what Olivia did. When the friends rescued Bamboo, Sophie took him back to base camp, and she left the girls alone. At a campfire, Olivia suddenly realised Henry probably went to diamond falls, not demon falls, to look for a diamond for the wedding. Olivia was right, and Henry was there. Henry was stuck behind a waterfall with a baby tiger cub he had to rescue. Olivia then stopped the waterfall with a dam and thus reunited the baby tiger cub with its mother and rescued Henry. Henry and Sophie were reunited and Olivia attended their wedding back in Heartlake City.

In the seventh episode, the girls were having a chat in Emma's bedroom. Andrea revealed that the superstar Livi is a judge in a talent contest and the girls all signed up. Olivia decided she was going to enter Zobo and use him as a light show. After practicing, the girls went to shop for outfits at the mall. At the show, Olivia and the friends gasped when they saw Livi and are excited for the show. When it was Olivia's turn to perform, Zobo's lights were too bright and temporarily blinded the judges. Olivia was then removed from the competition. All of her best friends were removed from the competition besides Andrea, who Olivia was overjoyed for. The next day, Olivia and the girls tried to help Andrea practice, but she refused. The girls forgave her, as they realised everyone can be dramatic, and saved Andrea's performance. Olivia used Zobo to light up the stage and she danced as a background dancer for Andrea. When Mr. Mayor announced the winner, Andrea and the girls ran off; Andrea did not want to be famous, as she would miss her friends too much.

Olivia looking at various rocks

In the eight episode, Olivia convinced her best friends to join her on a school science trip to Kate's island. Olivia was excited to go, as she could add new types of rocks to her rock collection. On the boat the girls came across the mysterious Kate, who Olivia instantly disliked after Kate kicked her rocks. Olivia was heartbroken when her rocks were kicked out in to the ocean. She eventually calmed down after she saw the island. Ms. Stevens split to students up into two teams, Olivia was with her best friends and Kate. The friends looked through various rocks, and Olivia found several that were rare. The friends returned to their dorms and Olivia studied the rocks. Olivia woke up in the middle of the night and saw Kate and Mia return. The friends discussed Mia in their hot air balloon ride, and they agreed she was acting suspiciously. The friends eventually figured out that Mia and Kate where sneaking out to a large "X" in the island, as it matched Kate's medallion. Olivia rigged up a system that would make snoring noises when Ms. Stevens would do a surprise bed check. The four friends followed Mia and Kate, and they confronted them. Kate revealed that she thought her medallion belonged to Dark Eyed Kate. Olivia realized that the "X" was a secret hideout of Dark Eyed Kate, as her crew members based its location off the constellation, The Seven Sisters. The friends pushed the cave open and found a rare fossil. The friends are delighted and their classmates enjoyed their rock presentation. Olivia befriended Kate and invited her to sit with them at lunch.

In the following episode, Andrea invited all her best friends to visit the Grand Hotel, which her family bought. The manager, Susan had to leave as her daughter was injured in a skiing accident. The girls volunteered to mind the hotel when Susan was gone. Susan agreed as she believed there would not be many guests that weekend. When multiple new guests came, Stephanie called a staff meeting. Stephanie instructed Olivia to do hotel tech support and Olivia willingly agreed. Olivia altered the lights in the hotel to a clap on and clap off command. Olivia also added several buttons to the elevator. She altered Zobo to a state where, when he sees a mess he will clean it up. Stephanie brought Olivia into the kitchen, so she could help with the cooking. Zobo followed and believed the liquids on the table were messes and attempted to clean it up. Olivia instructed Zobo to come off the table, but all the guests left because of the slow service and chaos. An elderly lady came and asked could she have a seat, the friends were shocked that someone still wanted to eat at the hotel. Grandma Jean told the girls that they work best together and told them about the time she first met them, when they made her pancakes. The girls decided they would make the elderly lady pancakes for her meal. The elderly lady invited them to sit with her and the friends told her many stories. After the elderly woman left, the girls started to clean up the hotel and by morning they were finished. When Susan returned, she was delighted to find out the hotel was given a five star review, by the elderly woman who turned out to be a hotel critic.

In LEGO Friends: The Video Game[edit]

Olivia thanking her cousin for helping her with the science project

Olivia greets the player (who is her cousin) at her house. Olivia gets the player to go around and collect parts to build a doghouse and then instructs her to build it. She then gives the player a new pet puppy and a new pair of clothes. Olivia then drives her cousin to Heartlake High in her car. After entering the building and greeting Principal Harris, Olivia asks her cousin if she will she help her finish her science project. Her cousin agrees and follows Olivia to the science classroom. After learning about biology, chemistry, and physics, Olivia asks her cousin to collect the final parts for her project, which are lost in different places around the school. After finding all of the pieces, Olivia finishes her project, which turns out to be Zobo. She then uses Zobo to fix a pipe leak in the school and then lends Zobo to the player. After that, Olivia drives the player to Main Street and gives her several chores to fulfill. After the player fulfills the chores, Olivia sends the player on a treasure hunt to find Dark Eyed Kate. When the task is completed, Olivia reveals it was a joke. But the player discovers a necklace at the end of the treasure hunt and Mrs. Wyes reveals the necklace to be ancient. After discovering this, Olivia is extremely overjoyed. Olivia gives the player directions to her treehouse, where the girls welcome her to the friends club.

At the end of Mia's story Olivia congratulates the player when they win a trophy. At the end of Emma's story, Olivia partakes in the fashion show. At the end of Stephanie's story, Olivia goes on the Dolphin Cruise for a beach party. At the end of Andrea's story, Olivia plays the piano in the concert and after the concert, she heads to the fair.


Olivia appears in thirty eight of the fifty Friends webisodes.

The first episode Olivia appears in is called "Olivia's Science Show". In the episode, she discussed how you can make a hidden message with lemons. She bought lemons from Mia's lemonade stand and completed the experiment at home.

Olivia has a very minor appearance in the second episode she appears in, "Quit Monkeying Around". When Juliet went missing, Olivia was ordered by Stephanie to go look for her in a certain direction and Olivia obeyed. When Emma found Juliet, the five girls and Matthew sat around the campfire with the animals they rescued.

The third episode Olivia appears in is called "All We Need Is Juice". Stephanie was in the process of throwing a beach party and sent Andrea, Mia, and Olivia to bring juice back for the party. Olivia was shocked when they did not have any cherries. Determined, Olivia climbed on top of Mia's shoulders to pick the cherries. At the party, Jacob thanks Olivia for his cherry drink, as it's his favourite.

The fourth episode Olivia appears in is called "Speaking Of Parrots". Ms. Stevens assigned Stephanie and Olivia to a project on parrots. Stephanie is disappointed, as parrots are her least favourite animal. In the episode, Olivia took Stephanie to a botanical garden which houses parrots. Olivia convinced Stephanie that parrots are not bad at all. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Stephanie's and Olivia's parrot project won 1st place.

Olivia with her friends dressed as her, as seen in "Nice Prank"

The fifth episode, she appears in is "Nice Prank". Andrea, Emma, Mia, and Stephanie played a prank on Olivia. Each of the friends dressed up as Olivia and all took a turn pretending to be her, and recorded it on Olivia's camera. The girls are shocked when Olivia returned and then asks to see the video. After she watched the video, Olivia revealed that she planned for this all along and she was secretly pranking them.

The sixth episode she stars in is named "Drawn Together". The friends complained, as their living space in the jungle was too crowded. Henry then told the girls that he's building a new area of the jungle and they can pick what it is. Olivia wanted a research lab to discover how to treat the sick animals. The other girls did not agree as they each of them had different ideas. They all drew a sketch of their ideas and placed it on a board for Henry. Henry decided that all of their ideas worked best together, as a sanctuary. The episode ended with the sanctuary built and the girls reunited as friends.

The seventh episode she appears in is called "Noisy Camping Trip". Andrea, Joanna and Olivia headed out on a camping trip for their project on nocturnal animals and they found the perfect spot to camp close to the woods. The girls hid behind the bushes in hopes an animal will appear. Whenever an animal came close, Andrea was too loud and it ran away. Olivia suggested to Andrea that she could make a campfire. When there was a loud bang, Joanna and Olivia rushed back to camp. Popcorn that Andrea tried to make was exploding into the air. Luckily for the girls, the popcorn attracted bats and they managed to take a few photos.

The eight episode Olivia appears in is named "Icy Science Show", it is the second episode to follow her science show. Olivia and Emma carried out an experiment to create ice art, which ended successfully.

Olivia suggesting to use science equivalents to baking ingredients

The ninth episode, Olivia stars in is "Jungle Cupcakes". To get away from the mosquitoes who were biting her and her friends, Stephanie decided to bake cupcakes. When Stephanie said there were no baking ingredients, Olivia suggested that they use science equivalents of the backing materials. After the cupcakes are finished, they looked normal, so Stephanie gave one to Andrea, Emma, and Mia. The three girls excitedly dug in, but are extremely dissatisfied with the horrible taste. Olivia said there was no difference on paper between the science cupcakes and regular cupcakes, but after she tried one herself, she agreed with the other girls. But to the girls' pleasure, the mosquitoes began to eat the cupcakes instead of their blood.

The tenth episode Olivia stars in is "What's at Heart?". The episode started with the friends trying to find a picture for the school newspaper. Andrea spotted what appeared to be a unicorn in a photo, and Olivia claimed that the picture is not real news or fact. But the other girls published the story anyway, much to Olivia's horror. Adding to the horror, Emma told the girls they were going to be featured on Heartlake News about the story. Before they are featured on the show, Mia gave the girls an invite to Blaize's birthday party. The girls are terrified when Blaize turned out to be what was thought to be the unicorn. When the girls were featured on the news, Andrea saved them when she showed the invite to Blaize's party, claiming the unicorn was found. The girls walked away and thanked Andrea for the save and Stephanie insured Olivia that she would not publish anything without facts again.

The eleventh episode Olivia appears in is named "Two Jacobs". Olivia started talking about Jacob and how she said goodbye to him at the train station, Mia said that was impossible, as she saw Jacob in the mall 15 minutes ago.
Olivia with the pictures of "Jacob"
Emma decided to get to the bottom of this and took photos of "Jacob" for Olivia. Emma gave Olivia the photos, and Olivia stated the pictures of "Jacob" are not Jacob and in fact someone else. "Jacob" introduced himself as Julian and said he has a cousin called Jacob and sometimes people get them confused. Emma and Andrea sneaked out and said they are going to hide in the mall while shopping in the summer sale, which caused the other four to laugh.

The twelfth episode Olivia appears in is called "I Heart Card You". Emma invented the heart card, and planned to invite Olivia and the other friends to the park by giving them all one. All of Emma's test-cards flew out of her window and they ended up around the city. Olivia and the rest of the girls showed Emma the heart cards and told her how everyone, including them, loved them. Emma was not bothered by this and sent the girls another heart card and the episode ended with them enjoying a picnic.

The thirteenth and fourteenth episodes she stars in are called "Emma is Moving" (part 1) (part 2). Olivia was bummed when Mia and Stephanie revealed to her that Emma is moving. Olivia and the girls decided to throw Emma a surprise slumber party and decorated her room with heart cards. Emma loved the surprise and thanked the girls. The girls were delighted when it is revealed Emma only moved a few houses up to her new home. The girls bought Emma house warming gifts, which Emma adored.

Olivia excited to try Mia's new ice cream flavour

In "What an Interesting Ice Cream", Mia made a new cherry-flavour ice cream, which the girls tried and hated. To avoid disappointing Mia, as the girls knew no one would buy that flavour of ice cream, Olivia and the girls tried to buy all the ice cream. Mia refused, so the girls wore different disguises so Mia would sell it to them. When Mia figured out, she treated the girls with a chocolate ice cream, as they tried not to disappoint her.

The sixteenth episode Olivia appears in is "Big Dreams". In this episode, she danced with her friends to Andrea's singing.

In "Valentines Whaaat?", the girls were shocked and angry when Andrea got a valentine card from Jacob. Olivia said that Andrea should go on the date with Jacob and she said herself and Jacob are not dating. Andrea went, but brought the girls with her to confront Jacob. Jacob revealed the card was supposed to be for Olivia and the two embarked on a date.

The eighteen episode Olivia stars in is "Live From Backstage". Olivia filmed Stephanie as she interviewed the contestants for the Heartlake talent show.

In "The Unprankables", Izzy and Emma's brother, Cole, tried to prank their sisters. They switched the signs on the workshops the girls were teaching in, leading those attending to enter the wrong class. Ultimately, however, the attendants loved the ones they tried out and thanked the girls.

In "Girls DON'T Snore", Emma's father, Luis, accused the girls of snoring. Olivia brought a tape recorder the next night to record the snoring, if there was any. Olivia cleared the airwaves with peppermint, to ensure she did not to snore. When the girls played the tape recorder back, they heard snoring, but the girls said they should all forget the night and move on.

Olivia having a picnic in "Look High and Low"

In "Look High and Low", Andrea, Kate, Olivia, and Stephanie found a treasure map in the lighthouse. They asked Noah if they could use his hot air balloon and he agreed. When the girls found the location of the treasure map, the treasure turned out to be a picnic planned by Emma and Mia. The six then sat down and enjoyed their lunch together.

"A Strong Voice" is the twenty-first episode Olivia makes an appearance in. Stephanie lost her voice just before a speech, so Olivia rigged up the system so that Stephanie could borrow Andrea’s voice. Andrea could not help but tease Stephanie, and walked on stage singing. Stephanie used the system that made Andrea sound horrible with her hoarse voice. When she has finished pranking Andrea, the two apologized to each other and danced with Olivia on the stage.

In the following episode, "The Juicy News", Stephanie wanted to find a story for the school newspaper, What's at Heart? Olivia wrote up a report on a steam roller. Stephanie found it boring and called Mia and Emma to see what stories they have. Olivia was mortified when one of the stories is how Simon was naked on the beach, and she refused to let the girls publish it. Thankfully, Simon turned out to be a seal.

In "Fool Me Once", Olivia left a bucket of fish on her desk, and when Stephanie tripped, she fell into it.

"Making the Band" is the twenty-fourth episode she stars in. Olivia played the keyboard for her band The Heartbeats. When Matthew left the band after finding it it too girly, Olivia was upset. She was relieved when Stephanie took Matthew's part and played the guitar for the band. Stephanie was sad when she made a mistake, but Olivia reminded her that everyone makes mistakes.

Olivia embarrassed by Peter

In "DAAAA-AAAD!", Olivia came over to Emma's for dinner. Luis made jokes with Olivia, which Emma found embarrassing. Olivia was embarrassed when Peter later made jokes to Emma. The two friends laughed it off and poked fun at their embarrassing fathers.

The twenty-sixth episode Olivia appears in is named "Friendship in the Air". Olivia and her five best friends threw heart cards at civilians out of a hot air balloon.

In "Our Special Day", Andrea accidentally invited her Mother to the movies instead of her friends. Olivia and the three others are mortified when they realised they forgot Mother's Day. They all decided to invite their Mothers to the cinema and had a pizza night.

In "Life of Livi", Olivia watched a documentary about Livi.

In the following episode, "Bubbly Personality", The Heartbeats were opening for Livi's concert. Andrea had bubbles in her hair and she was not sure she could perform with her hair covered in bubbles. Olivia used a fan to make the bubbles go away. She then played the keyboard during the band's performance.

In "A Spooky Sensation", Olivia and her friends went ghost hunting for The White Lady in the hotel. The ghost turned out to be Stephanie when she sleepwalked and sleep-ate.

Olivia makes a minor appearance in "Nate Wants a Date". She played the guitar for Nate's and Stephanie's dinner.

In the thirty-second episode she appears in, "Room For Practice", Olivia and her friends had to search for a new place to rehearse their band, as Mia's garage was being cleaned. After they searched, they eventually found the perfect place, which was the school office.

Olivia disappointed with her haircut in '"The Great Hair Day"

The thirty-third episode Olivia appears in is named "Busy with Dizzy". Olivia helped Mia and Stephanie care for animals. Stephanie believed the sick animals were zombies, as they kept reappearing. It turned out there was a gap in the fence that the animals went out through. The animals were not sick either, but were instead dizzy from being pushed on the roundabout.

In "The Great Hair Day", Natasha gave Olivia a free haircut. After Olivia saw the cut, she was underwhelmed and went out with Andrea and Stephanie (who also did not like their cuts) to buy wigs in the style of their old hair.

In "Picture Perfect", Olivia and Stephanie entered an aquatic photo-taking competition. Stephanie thought that in order to win, they must take a picture of a fish. Olivia took several photos, but a seal was in all of them. The picture of the seal ended up winning, as it was the only photo that was not of a fish.

The thirty-sixth episode Olivia appears in is called "Jacob sings of Love". Matthew told the girls that Jacob wrote a love song. The girls thought it was about Olivia and decided to read it, to Olivia's dismay. The girls were horrified when they found out it was about a girl named Suzie and they confronted Jacob. Jacob told the girls Suzie is his dog and he wrote it about her.

Olivia makes a minor appearance in '"Not Just Baking'". Olivia and Emma made a gingerbread house with a functioning toilet for their cookery class.

In "O'Brother, What Did You Do", Izzy played an old tape of Olivia when she was a child instead of her presentation tape. Olivia was embarrassed and paused the part where Izzy's underwear fell down, and she got revenge. Izzy said sorry to his older sister and gave her the real tape.

In "Studio of Fun" Olivia and Livi returned to the recording studio to see Andrea and Emma messing with the equipment. The two are not annoyed and began to misbehave themselves.

Olivia takes a quiz on which pop star she is in "Which Star Are You?", at the end of the quiz, she turned out to be Livi.

In "A Taste of Science" Olivia's class has to do a project on fossils. Ms. Stevens said she expected great things of Olivia, who started searching for fossils straight away. Andrea was more interested in ice cream, and she messed until she was full. After eating too much Andrea thought she found a fossil. Olivia told Andrea the fossil was a souvenir. Ms. Stevens felt sorry for the girls as she thought she put to much pressure on Olivia and made her buy a souvenir to cheat, so she bought them ice cream.

Olivia and her best friends discover Andrea is reading postcards in "Letters of Love". Andrea reveals that the cards are from Ms. Stevens and Chef Pierre. The girls suggest Andrea should get the two on a date.


  • On the back of every Friends box, Olivia's figure disassembled appears in the top right corner in a silhouette.
  • In her "About me" bio from, Olivia said her cats are named Missy and Spooky. In the sets, they are named Kitty and Maxie.
  • Olivia has the same face (Part:11815) as Danielle, Marie, Natasha, and Theresa.
  • In September of 2014, she appeared in a Fusion set, 21208 Resort Designer, making her the first mini-doll figure to appear outside the core themes which use them. She is also the only mini-doll figure to appear in more than one theme.
  • Olivia's favourite colour is blue, the colour of wisdom.
  • Unlike the other characters in Friends, who call their mothers "mom", Olivia calls her mother "mum".
  • Olivia has worn a braclet with the Roman numerals "XVII", which hints at the fact that she is seventeen. About Me[edit]


Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Favorite animal: My cats, Missy and Spooky, and my bird, Goldie.

Hair color: Chestnut

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Barbecue!

I love: My friends, science, school, drawing, inventing things, nature, hiking, photography, history.

I’m also good at: Reading maps, navigation by the stars, building things, computers.

My friends think I’m sometimes: Stubborn

I want to be: A scientist or an engineer.

Motto: “It’s easy, or at least we can figure it out.”

I would never: forget my homework or leave the house without my compass!

I like to hang out: In my workshop, with my friends in the Tree House Club, my house.


Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.
Hair color: Brown

Favorite color: Blue

I love: My friends, school, books, inventions, nature, hiking

I want to be: Inventor, archeologist, robot maker, or maybe a high-tech innovator

Motto: “Learn from yesterday, but live for today"

Type of music: Electronic music, please

Special skill: I guess you could call me smart

Wildest dream: Winning a Nobel Prize!


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RegularWhite topPartyJungleJungle (Pink)Lime topPyjamasHippy DisguiseMagenta topPop StarVetHotelSombreroBikiniChildStudio

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ShopDescriptionFavorite animal: My cats, Missy and
Favorite animal: My cats, Missy and Spooky, and my bird, Goldie.

Hair color: Chestnut

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Barbecue!

I love: My friends, science, school, drawing, inventing things, nature, hiking, photography, history.

I’m also good at: Reading maps, navigation by the stars, building things, computers.

My friends think I’m sometimes: Stubborn

I want to be: A scientist or an engineer.

Motto: “It’s easy, or at least we can figure it out.”

I would never: forget my homework or leave the house without my compass!

I like to hang out: In my workshop, with my friends in the Tree House Club, my house.
friends in the Tree House Club, my house. + and

Hair color: Brown


Hair color: Brown

Favorite color: Blue

I love: My friends, school, books, inventions, nature, hiking

I want to be: Inventor, archeologist, robot maker, or maybe a high-tech innovator

Motto: “Learn from yesterday, but live for today"

Type of music: Electronic music, please

Special skill: I guess you could call me smart

'Wildest dream: Winning a Nobel Prize!
Wildest dream: Winning a Nobel Prize! +
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    Pop Star
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Txt1From 3065 + and Regular +
Txt10Jungle +, Science + and Pop Star +
Txt11From 41034 +, Dancer + and Vet +
Txt12Swimwear +, Science camp + and Hotel +
Txt13From 30202 +, Scientist + and Sombrero +
Txt14From 41100 +, Hotel + and Bikini +
Txt15From 41101 +, Maid disguise + and Child +
Txt16Pop Star +, Spy + and Studio +
Txt2From 3315, 3184 and 30102 +, Purple and orange bikini +, White top + and Science +
Txt3From 3933 +, Blue bikini +, Party + and Halter top +
Txt4From 3937 +, Magenta top +, Jungle + and Beach +
Txt5Winter +, Riding outfit +, Jungle (Pink) + and Amber top +
Txt6From 41003 +, White top +, Lime top + and Band +
Txt7From 41010 +, Fruit dress + and Pyjamas +
Txt8From 41026 +, Jungle + and Hippy Disguise +
Txt9From 41030 and 21208 +, Dress + and Magenta top +
VariationsPink top, dark blue skirt, light pink tigh
Pink top, dark blue skirt, light pink tights, and white boots
Amber vest, lime green trousers, and medium lavender sandals
Amber vest, light pink skirt, and white shoes
Magenta top, light blue skirt, and white shoes
Light pink top, lime jeans, and medium lavender sandals
White top, dark blue skirt, and medium lavender shoes
Light pink top, sand blue skirt, and shoes
Lime top, dark blue skirt, and shoes
Magenta top, dark blue trousers, and shoes
White top, purple skirt, and shoes
Pink top, purple skirt, and shoes
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skirt, and shoes
Pop Star
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