Speaking Of Parrots

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"Speaking Of Parrots"
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"Speaking Of Parrots" is a Friends webisode currently being shown on LEGO.com.


File:Speaking Of Parrots.jpg
Stephanie as a child speaking to the parrots.

The episode starts with Ms. Stevens assigning her class an animal project. The girls talk about their favourite animals though Mia can't decide on one. Ms. Stephens then tells the class she's assigning the animal. Stephanie is disappointed when her least favourite animal-parrot, is the one she and her partner, Olivia are assigned. Olivia takes Stephanie to a botanical garden which houses parrots. Olivia asks Stephanie why she's afraid of parrot and Stephanie eventually tells her: When she was young she and her mother were visiting a lady with a parrot. Stephanie was upset when the parrot mimicked her, as she thought it was mocking her. Olivia then shows Olivia that parrots can only mimic and Stephanie likes parrots again. Everyone loves Stephanie's and Olivia's parrot project and win 1st place.



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