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Lavender top, earth blue skirt
Lavender top, bright reddish violet skirt
Medium lilac top, earth blue skirt
Aqua top, bright reddish violet skirt
Aqua top, light royal blue skirt
White top, medium lavender skirt
Lavender top, light royal blue skirt
Aqua top, medium lilac skirt
Pop Star


Horse riding helmet
Kendo helmet
Ice cream cone


2012 - 2015

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Find beauty wherever you are ♥

Emma is a Friends mini-doll figure introduced in 2012. She is one of the five main characters of the theme and one of the four deuteragonists of the television series LEGO Friends of Heartlake City, appearing in all seven episodes. She is the fashion guru of the group of friends. She currently appears in twenty sets and she has eighteen variations between them.


Emma has eighteen variants, all but one have the same hairpiece. The headpiece's eye colour was initially dark green in 2012, but was later changed to a brighter shade of green in 2013.

Emma has light nougat skin. Emma's eyes are currently bright green in colour. Above her eyes, she has curved black eyebrows. She has a closed smile, which is decorated with bright purple lipstick. Like all of the female mini-doll figures, Emma has a small rounded nose in the centre of her face. Her hairpiece depicts long, black hair. Emma's hair is braided at the back. There are two holes in her hairpiece; one on the top and one at the start of her braid. These holes hold bows and other accessories, like crowns and sunglasses. All of Emma's variants except for two depict her with light nougat arms and hands.

Emma's regular outfit

In 3185 Summer Riding Camp, 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop, 30103 Emma's Car and 30106 Ice Cream Stand she wears a lavender sleeveless shirt. There's a light purple flower outlined in bright reddish violet in the bottom left corner. The flower has silver petals coming out of its sides and sparkles coming out diagonally. She wears the top with an earth blue layered skirt. She also wears medium lavender shoes with matching medium lavender anklets. In 3185 Summer Riding Camp, her hair can be changed to a black riding cap with her hair tied in a low ponytail.

3186 Emma's Horse Trailer is the only set where Emma does not come with her regular hairpiece, instead she wears a black riding cap with her hair tied into a low ponytail. She once again wears her lavender sleeveless top that has a light purple flower outlined in bright reddish violet in the bottom left corner. The flower has silver petals coming out of its sides and sparkles coming out diagonally. This time the top combined with white jodhpurs and black riding boots.

In 3931 Emma's Splash Pool she wears her lavender sleeveless top that has a light purple flower outlined in bright reddish violet in the bottom left corner again. The flower has silver petals coming out of its sides and sparkles coming out diagonally. This time, she wears the top with a bright reddish violet layered skirt. She wears white and bright reddish violet sneakers, tied with bright reddish violet laces.

In 3936 Emma's Fashion Design Studio Emma wears a medium lavender halter top. It has a bright reddish violet flower in the bottom right corner, and two butterflies in the centre. She wears it with a layered earth blue skirt, light purple tights and white boots.

Emma's karate uniform

In 41002 Emma's Karate Course she wears a karate uniform, consisting of a white sleeved top and mid-calf trousers. Her top has a medium lavender flower in the top right corner. The collar is also outlined in medium lavender. Emma wears a black belt tied around her waist. Her sneakers are white and earth blue. Her hairpiece can be switched with a medium stone grey kendo mask.

In 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon she is wearing an earth top with white trimming around the neckline. The bottom left corner is decorated with dots and flowers in white and light purple. She wears a lavender necklace around her neck. Emma wears a light purple layered skirt with shoes.

In 41013 Emma's Sports Car Emma wears an aqua top with bright reddish violet trimming around the neckline. The trimming is decorated with a medium azure flower in the left corner. She wears white and bright reddish violet sneakers, tied with bright reddish violet laces.

In 41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post she wears a medium azure blue bikini top. The top is decorated by one white and one earth blue stripe on each side and an earth blue rescue sign on the right. Over the top is a bright reddish violet whistle. She wears bright purple swimming trunks and bright reddish violet sandals. Emma wears bright orange swimming fins, which are attached to her feet.

In 41056 Heartlake News Van Emma wears a partly-open white long-sleeved jacket. A belt of the jacket is tied in a knot around the waist. The jacket also has two bright reddish violet star badges in the bottom left corner. The jacket's collar and belt are outlined in medium lilac. Emma wears a sand green skirt and white and sand green sneakers, tied with bright reddish violet laces.

In 30112 Emma's Flower Stand Emma wears a white top that has a picture of an earth blue branch with light purple flower petals on it. She wears the top with a light blue skirt and white shoes.

In 41032 First Aid Jungle Bike Emma is seen wearing an olive green strapped top. The top has earth blue outlined buttons going up the center. It has a bright reddish violet rescue sign in the top right corner. Around her neck, she wears a lavender ascot. She wears bright purple shorts and bright reddish violet sandals.

In 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall Emma is wearing her aqua top with bright reddish violet trimming around the neckline. The trimming is decorated with a medium azure flower in the left corner. Emma is sporting a light royal blue skirt and white shoes.

Emma's vet uniform

In 41086 Vet Ambulance Emma is in her vet uniform. Emma wears a medium azure buttoned shirt which is unbuttoned at the top, revealing her white undershirt. Her shirt has an earth blue rescue logo in the left top corner, and in the right top corner there is an earth blue outlined pocket. Emma once again wears her sand green skirt. She still wears her sand green sneakers, tied with bright reddish violet laces with it.

In 41093 Heartlake Hair Salon Emma wears a a white top with a picture of an earth blue branch with light purple flower petals on it. The brown branch has several light pink flowers on it. Emma's skirt is medium lavender and her shoes are light purple.

In 41095 Emma's House Emma wears an updated version of her usual top. There are now three flowers in the bottom left corner, now there lavender and outlined in bright purple. Like the first version several silver sparkles and leaves coming out of the flowers. Emma wears it with a light blue skirt and white shoes.

In 30203 Mini Golf Emma wears the same top as she did in 30112. Emma wears a white top that has a picture of an earth blue branch with light purple flower petals on it. This time Emma combines the top with a sand green skirt and white and sand green sneakers, tied with bright reddish violet laces.

In 41098 Emma’s Tourist Kiosk once again wears her aqua top with a bright reddish violet trimming around the neckline decorated with a blue flower in the top left corner. She wears a medium lilac skirt with medium lilac and bright reddish violet striped shoes.

41104 Pop Star Dressing Room she is wearing an open medium lavender sleeveless jacket. The jacket is decorated with various black outlined pockets and light stone grey buttons. Behind her jacket she wears a plain, sleeveless, silver shirt with a low cut neckline. She also wears her regular earth blue layered skirt and her medium lilac shoes and anklets.

In 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House Emma is wearing her camp outfit. Emma wears a sleeveless magenta hoodie. It has strings with yellow balls coming down the front. The hoodie has one large pocket, with the sides outlined in yellow. Emma wears sand blue shorts. She wears white and yellow sneakers, tied with light blue laces.

In LEGO Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

Emma has twelve different outfits in the theme's television episodes. She usually wears a lavender hair band in her hair. In her regular variant, she is very similar to her appearance in 3185 Summer Riding Camp, 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop, and 30103 Emma's Car, except resembling a human more closely (apart from the hair). In this representation, Emma has finger nails and a pointier nose.

Emma's first bikini

Emma wears a medium lilac bikini top in her second variation. It has white outlined flowers on the left side and spots and sparkles coming out of it. Emma's navel is visable and is dark orange. Emma wears a pair of medium blue shorts. There is an earth blue flower printed in the shorts' left bottom corner. Emma wears medium lilac sandals on her feet.

Emma is in a different bikini in her third variation. The top of the bikini is white and is outlined with lavender. There are various bright reddish violet, medium lilac, medium lavender and lavender spirals, lines and shapes on the top. Like her previous variation her navel is showing. Emma's swimming trunks are medium lavender and so are her sandals.

Emma's fourth variation recreates her outfit from 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon.

Similarly, Emma's fifth variation is the animated version of her outfit from 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall.

Emma's sixth variation is the animated version of her outfit from 41056 Heartlake News Van.

Emma's seventh variation portrays her wearing a beach themed bikini. She wears a yellow hairband with a flame yellowish orange sunflower attached to it. Emma's bikini top is yellow and has white seashells and starfishes printed on it. Like her other two bikini variations her dark orange navel is showing. Emma wears a bright sarong that has white gingham design on it. She also wears yellow sandals.

Emma's eight variation recreates her outfit from 41032 First Aid Jungle Bike.

Emma's ninth variation portrays her wearing a long bright reddish violet dress tied with a light purple belt. Her hairband is decorated with a lavender sunflower at the end of it.

Emma's tenth variation portrays her wearing the variation with her updated lavender top. There are three flowers in the bottom left corner, now they are lavender and outlined in bright purple. Like the first version several silver sparkles and leaves come out from the flowers. Emma wears earth blue trousers and medium lilac sandals.

Emma's geisha costume

Her eleventh variation shows her in a geisha costume. Emma wears a medium nougat hat. She wears a medium lavender robe which is outlined in white. There are various bright yellow outlined flowers printed throughout the robe.

Emma's twelfth appearance depicts her as a background dancer for Andrea. She wears a metallic lilac dress with a layered bottom. Emma has a medium azure 2x4 brick on her right hip. On her feet, she wears medium lilac shoes with matching anklets.

Emma's thirteenth appearance shows her in her Science Camp outfit. Emma wears medium lilac v-neck, that has sleeves and a neckline outlined with lavender. In the top right corner of her top there's six white strands of D.N.A. surrounding a bright red atom. Emma wears a sand green skirt and medium lavender trainers.

In the webisodes[edit]

Emma has fifteen webisode variants, similar to LEGO Friends of Heartlake City she is designed to look like a human. This time she is 2D animated compared to CGI.

Emma's first variation is just the animated version of her appearance in 41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post.

Similarly her second variation is the same as her appearance in 30112 Emma's Flower Stand.

Her third variation recreates her appearance from 3185 Summer Riding Camp, 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop, 30103 Emma's Car and 30106 Ice Cream Stand. Emma wears a lavender hairband in her hair.

Emma's fourth variation recreates her appearance from 41032 First Aid Jungle Bike.

Emma's fifth variation shows a version of her jungle outfit that is dyed pink. Her top is now light pink and her ascot is bright pink. Emma wears a bright pink hairband in her hair.

Her sixth variation portrays her in a disguise of Olivia. She wears a medium lavender hair band in her hair. Emma wears a medium lavender short skirt. She also wears light purple ballet shoes. She wears a bright purple top with a large white outline to create a heart shape. There are three smaller hearts surrounding it, one white heart to the left and two lavender hearts to the right. In her hair she wears a bright purple hairband.

Emma's Christmas tree costume

In her seventh variation she wears a green Christmas tree costume. It has cool yellow tinsel and various colored baubles hanging on it.

In her eight variation Emma wears her pajamas. Emma wears a white top with a bright reddish violet flower in the bottom left corner. The top has short light blue sleeves. Emma wears light blue pajama trousers and Aqua slippers.

Emma's next variation shows her disguised as an elderly woman. Emma has a medium lavender scarf wrapped around her head. She wears dark stone grey square shaped glasses. Emma wears a long spring yellowish green dress. Emma wears a medium stone grey cardigan over her dress. Emma wears short white socks and black shoes.

Emma wears bright red circular glasses in her next variation, where she's disguised as a man. She wears a fake curly mustache. Emma wears a sleeved black jacket that has buttons going up its center. Emma wears a short black curly wig on her hair.

Emma's eleventh variation she wears her updated lavender top. There is three flowers in the bottom left corner, now they are lavender and outlined in bright purple. Like the first version several silver sparkles and leaves come out from the flowers. Emma wears a light blue skirt and white shoes.

In Emma's twelfth variation she once again wears the aqua top with a bright reddish violet trimming around the neckline, decorated with a blue flower in the top left corner. Emma wears a light blue skirt and white shoes.

In Emma's thirteenth variation she's in a bunny suit.
Emma's bunny suit
The bunny suit is mainly light purple with white gloves, inside of ears and fur on the stomach.

Emma's fourteenth variation recreates her appearance from 41086 Vet Ambulance.

In her next variation she wears an aqua top. The top has a bright reddish violet trimming around the neckline, decorated with a blue flower in the top left corner. Emma wears earth blue trousers and magenta shoes.

Emma's sixteen variation portrays her in her pop star outfit. She wears a purple shoulder top, medium lavender layered skirt and purple shoes.

In LEGO Friends: The Video Game[edit]

In Emma's first variation recreates her appearance from 3185 Summer Riding Camp, 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop, 30103 Emma's Car and 30106 Ice Cream Stand. Emma wears a lavender hairband in her hair.

In Emma's second variation she swaps her regular top for a medium lilac and white striped bikini top. Her dark orange navel is showing.

In Emma's third variation she wears her regular top with earth blue jeans and light purple shoes.

Emma's fourth variation recreates her appearance from 41002 Emma's Karate Course.

Emma's fifth variation recreates her appearance from 41013 Emma's Sports Car.

Emma's sixth variation recreates her appearance from 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon.

Emma's last variant portrays her in the outfit she wears in Andrea's band. She wears a white, medium sleeved top. At the top of the the torso, there is a black outlined collar, and at the front is a medium lilac violet tie. She wears an earth blue skirt with medium lilac shoes and matching anklets.

In Resort Designer[edit]

Her appearance is very similar to her regular appearance from LEGO Friends: The Video Game, except her top now is a tank top shape and her shoes are now bright purple sandals.


Shopping with one of her best friends, Stephanie and her poodle, Lady

Of the five main characters in the Friends theme, Emma is the beautician of the group. Emma has four best friends Andrea, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. She is also friends with Andrew, Christina, Chloe, Danielle, Ella, Ewa, Isabella, Kate, Katharina, Lily, Lacy, Liza, Livi, Jacob, Julian, Nicole, Noah, Martin, Matthew, Maya, and Robert. Emma has two brothers, one younger (Cole) and one older one. Her parents are Luis and Charlotte they all live in a house in Heartlake City. Emma has a horse called Robin and a poodle, Lady.

Her interests include designing clothing as shown in 3936 Emma's Fashion Design Studio and horseback riding which is presented in two sets 3186 Emma's Horse Trailer and 3185 Summer Riding Camp. Emma also likes crafts, interior decorating and remodelling. When Emma is older she wants to be a fashion designer. Emma's favourite colour is purple, which is reflected in multiple outfits she has been seen with throughout different sets. She is a black belt in karate and enjoys it, along with various other martial arts. She drives four different cars so far, which may suggest her interests in automobiles. Emma enjoys shopping and often goes shopping with her friends in Main Street and 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall.

Emma's personality is kind, curious, and complementary shown at Sometimes her friends think she can be a bit forgetful.

In LEGO Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

Emma by her banner

Olivia chased the mischievous puppy, Scarlett around Heartlake City, along her way she Emma, and ruined her banner. Emma and the other girls who Olivia bumped into (Andrea, Mia and Stephanie) confronted her. Olivia apologized to everyone and they quickly forgave her. When Scarlett and Mia's horse Bella both ran away, Emma helped find the two animals with the other girls. The girls decided to enter Scarlett in the World Petacular. Emma went with Olivia to her treehouse to remake her banner. After the banner was finished Olivia and Emma returned to her house and fell asleep straight away. Emma was disgusted that Olivia hadn't decorated her room yet, so redecorated when she was sleeping. Emma then helped give Scarlett a makeover. Later, the stage of the World Petacular fell down, but Emma helped rebuild it. After Scarlett won the World Petacular Emma danced at Andrea's performance.

Emma took part in preparation of Stephanie's birthday party. In order to keep Stephanie unaware of the surprise, she had to lie to her about attending karate class, when in fact she was engaged in the conspiracy. The friends met up at Olivia's Tree House and they discussed the party. Emma decided the party should be at the pool. Andrea then thought Emma, Olivia, and Mia the dance routine. Emma and her best friends (minus Stephanie) went to the photo booth and took a picture, for Stephanie's present. Emma then went to the pet salon and bought Stephanie Daisy's rabbit hutch. When she was followed by Stephanie, Emma hid and almost dropped the present, but saved it with her martial arts skills. Emma invited her Sensei (Noah) to the surprise party. After they surprised Stephanie, Emma danced with her best friends.

The girls discussing what they should do for the project

Ms. Stevens arranged for Emma's class to make a project to protect dolphins to prevent them from trapping themselves in fishermen's nets. Emma and her friends suggested putting a radio in the fish nets, with the radio broadcasting the noise of orcas to scare the dolphins, thus sending them swimming away. The team was then rewarded for the project. The five were excited when they were invited on a dolphin cruiser trip as the prize. They accidentally forgot to take Emma, who went to go back to her car to fetch her camera. Olivia quickly went back to the shore on a water scooter and brought Emma back on board. When the friends were lost at sea the dolphins directed the ship back to Heartlake City.

Emma was talking in the juice bar with Andrea, Olivia, and Stephanie when Mia bursted in the door. Mia invited the girls to the sunshine ranch, as she believed Moaca was going to have her foal. Emma and the others excitedly agreed to go to the ranch. Once Emma arrived there, she went up the hills to start painting. Emma decided she would paint bees, but they chased her so she gave up. Mia's Grandmother asked the girls to help her do the chores on the farm, and Emma did her share. Olivia accidentally, drove a tractor into the wall of the ranch. The neighbour, Martin's father, was furious and demanded the girls had to pay the cost to fix the hole of the ranch. Amongst these events, Emma noticed that Mia had a crush on Martin, her neighbour, and told her to go for him. Emma realised she made a mistake upon discovering Olivia had already told Stephanie to go for Martin. At dinner, Andrea suggested the girls could raise the money to fix the ranch by making a lemonade stand, which the girls agreed on. Emma and her friends made and sold the lemonade at the market. Emma then danced with her friends when Andrea started singing.

Emma's float idea

In Emma's Dilemma, Emma was first seen at the beach. Emma was with her friends and they talked about how they were going to enter the float competition to celebrate Heartlake City's 200th anniversary. Emma was upset when Stephanie ran over her drawing in the sand, but redid it on paper .Later, the friends met up at the juice bar and discussed their ideas for the float, but they did not listen to Emma who tried to show her drawing. Stephanie's arch rival Tanya asked Emma to join their team and they could use her drawing and she agreed. Mia was sent to collect Emma, but Emma did not join them as she wanted Stephanie to collect her. Emma went and collected paint for the float. When she returned, she was annoyed when she thought Tanya was using her and left. Emma met up with all the girls in Main Street the following day. Mia, who found Emma's drawing, told all her best friends and they apologized to Emma. When the rival teams saw Jacob and his friend's float, they were shocked by the size and beauty of it. Emma had an idea to combine the floats to make a giant birthday cake. She convinced the teams that the only way they can win is if they work together. Emma helped put the two floats together and drove the car with Stephanie during the parade. It is later revealed Emma and company won the float competition.

In the next episode Emma was helping Olivia's aunt, Sophie pick out a bridal gown. Olivia told her friends that Sophie's future groom, Henry has gone missing in the jungle. Olivia decided not to tell Sophie as it would worry her. Mia and Stephanie decided they would accompany Olivia to the jungle, while Emma and Andrea stayed with Sophie to stall her. Andrea and Emma took Sophie to the spa, but Sophie became suspicious and they told her what's happening. The three of them went to the jungle and bumped into Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. Andrea and Emma apologised for telling Sophie but they're forgiven by the others. When the friends rescued Bamboo, Sophie took him back to base camp, leaving the girls alone. After they reach Demon Falls they can not find Henry. Olivia realised Henry probably went to diamond falls not demon falls, to look for a diamond for the wedding. Olivia was right, and Henry was there. Henry was stuck behind a waterfall with a baby tiger named Flame. Emma helped Olivia stop the waterfall with a dam and reunited Flame with its mother. Henry and Sophie were also reunited soon after. When the friends returned to Heartlake City Emma attended and danced at Henry's and Sophie's wedding.

Emma's audition

In the seventh episode, the girls were having a chat in Emma's bedroom. Andrea revealed that the superstar Livi is a judge in a talent contest and the girls all signed up. Emma was sure she would enter the contest, but she wasn't sure what to do. She invented the friends over to practice the following day, she decided she was going to make goat noises. After practicing, the girls went to shop for outfits at the mall. At the show, Emma and the friends gasped when they saw Livi and were excited for the show. When it was Emma's turn to perform, the judges do not find the performance engaging enough and remove her from the competition. All of her best friends were removed from the competition besides Andrea, who Emma was overjoyed for. The next day, Emma and the girls tried to help Andrea practice, but she refused. The girls forgave her, as they realised everyone can be dramatic, and saved Andrea's performance. Emma made the background for the stage and she danced as a background dancer for Andrea. When Mr. Mayor announced the winner, Andrea and the girls ran off; Andrea did not want to be famous, as she would miss her friends too much.

In the eight episode, Olivia convinced Emma and her best friends to join her on a school science trip to Kate's island. On the boat the girls came across the mysterious Kate. When two boys started tossing Kate's medallion, Emma catched it and returned it to Kate. Emma loved the design of the medallion and got it stuck in her head. Ms. Stevens split the students up into two teams, Emma was with her best friends and Kate. The friends looked through various rocks, Emma made pictures with the rocks in the sand. The friends returned to their dorms and Emma helped Olivia study the rocks. Olivia told the friends in a hot air balloon, when she woke up in the middle of the night and saw Kate and Mia return. The friends discussed Mia and they agreed she was acting suspiciously. The friends eventually figured out that Mia and Kate were sneaking out to a large "X" in the island, as it matched Kate's medallion. The four friends snuck out that night and followed Mia and Kate, Emma was terrified as she believed wild animals would attack them. When they found Kate and Mia they confronted them. Kate revealed that she thought her medallion belonged to Dark Eyed Kate. Olivia realized that the "X" was a secret hideout of Dark Eyed Kate, as her crew members based its location off the constellation, The Seven Sisters. The friends pushed the cave open and found a rare fossil. The friends are delighted and their classmates enjoyed their rock presentation. Emma befriended Kate and Olivia invited her to sit with them at lunch.

Emma trying to stop the children drawing on the walls

In the following episode, Andrea invited all her best friends to visit the Grand Hotel, which her family bought. The manager, Susan had to leave as her daughter was injured in a skiing accident. The girls volunteered to mind the hotel when Susan was gone. Susan agreed as she believed there would not be many guests that weekend. When multiple new guests came, Stephanie called a staff meeting. Stephanie instructed Emma to do hotel child care and Emma was rushed off with five wild children. Emma tried to teach the children how to draw a flower, but they just drew on the walls. Emma tried to cover up the walls, but Stephanie saw and gave out to her. Emma then rushed after the children and they got stuck in the elevator. When they finally got out of the elevator, they rushed to the dining room. The children went to their carer and all the guests left because of the slow service and chaos. An elderly lady came and asked could she have a seat, the friends were shocked that someone still wanted to eat at the hotel. Grandma Jean told the girls that they work best together and told them about the time she first met them, when they made her pancakes. The girls decided they would make the elderly lady pancakes for her meal. The elderly lady invited them to sit with her and the friends told her many stories. After the elderly woman left, the girls started to clean up the hotel and by morning they were finished. When Susan returned, she was delighted to find out the hotel was given a five star review, by the elderly woman who turned out to be a hotel critic.

In LEGO Friends: The Video Game[edit]

Emma planning the surprise party

The Player first meets Emma in Main Street. Emma invites the Played to join her fashion design studio, which she does. Emma discusses the upcoming fashion show with Ms. Couture. The Player helps prepare outfits with Emma, soon after Mr. Bangman walks in. Mr. Bangman asks for help to decorate his shop and Emma nominates the Player. The Player dresses Mr. Bangman's shop and soon after the shop is complete. Emma then takes the Player to Clover Meadows for Summer Riding Camp, after giving her a riding cap. Ella, Emma and Stephanie have a surprise party planned for Theresa. Oscar lures the hedgehog loving Theresa to the campfire and the friends surprise the instructor. Emma leaves for Heartlake High and the Player follows her. Kate can't show up at Mascot tryouts so the Player fills in. Andrea and Emma congratulate the Player for winning the mascot tryouts. She then Emma takes her to the Karate Dojo. After practicing karate Emma goes to City Park Mariana. She is upset as she doesn't have any models or outfits for the fashion show. Luckily, her friends surprise her and the Player chooses their outfits. The friends walk down the runway and afterwards they go to the beach.

At the end of Olivia's story Emma and her hide in Olivia's treehouse, once the Player finds them the girls welcome her to the friends club. At the end of Mia's story Emma congratulates the player when they win a trophy. At the end of Stephanie's story, Emma goes on the Dolphin Cruise for a beach party. At the end of Andrea's story, Emma does the turntable in the concert and after the concert, she heads to the fair.


Emma appears in fourty webisodes.

In the first webisiode she appears in, Andrea met Emma at the beach, Emma could not hang out with Andrea as she was on lifeguard duty. Andrea sat on a blow up bed, and got brought out to sea. Andrea was about to get hit by a cruise ship, dolphin grabs on to Emma and takes her to Andrea's rescue. When Andrea is brought back to shore, she is unaware of what happened. She is disappointed because she thought that Emma went swimming without her.

Emma and Stephanie watching Beast of Blue Lagoon

In the second episode she appears in, Emma was watching a horror movie with Stephanie, as they mistook the movie's title for a musical. They turn the movie off because it was too scary. When a pot broke outside, Emma was paranoid and believe that it's the monster from the movie. They were terrified when they saw odd looking footprints on the ground, they believed they were monster prints. When they turned around they saw a creature covered in mud and leaves which thought was the monster. It turned out to be a lamb, so they cleaned her. When they walked to their neighbour's house to return the lamb, they got covered in mud and leaves as well.

In Quit Monkeying Around, Emma was upset that she had nothing to do in the jungle. When Juliet went missing everyone was ordered by Stephanie to go look for her in a certain direction, besides Emma, who was instructed to make a campfire. Emma was annoyed, but obeyed, and state red collecting rocks. When she heard noises coming from the rocks she closed her eyes and took a few photos, when she looked at the photos it was Juliet. Emma brought Juliet back to camp the five girls and Matthew celebrated at the campfire.

The fourth episode Emma appears in is called All We Need Is Juice. Stephanie was throwing a beach party and Emma helped decorate. Emma had a great time at the party.

The fifth episode she appears in is called Speaking Of Parrots. Emma told her class that her favourite animals are monkeys. Ms. Stevens assigned the class projects on animals and Emma was assigned a project on lions.

The sixth episode she appears in is Nice Prank. Andrea, Emma, Mia, and Stephanie play a prank on Olivia. Each of the friends dress up as Olivia and all of them (besides Emma) took a turn pretending to be her and Emma recorded it on Olivia's camera. The girls were shocked when Olivia returned and then asked to see the video. After watching the video, Olivia revealed that she planned for this all a long and was secretly pranking them.

In the seventh episode she stars in, Drawn Together. The friends complained as in their living space is crowded. Henry then told the girls that he's building a new area for the jungle, Emma wanted an animal. The other girls did not agree, they each had different ideas They all drew a sketch of their ideas and placed it on the board for Henry. Henry decided that all of their ideas work best together, as a sanctuary. The episode ends with the sanctuary built and the girls reunited as friends.

Emma painting a red Tony

The eight episode Emma appears in is, Painting Tony. Stephanie asked Emma to paint a picture for the brown wall in Jungle Tree Base. Tony volunteered and posed for Emma. Once she painted him, he would change colour and she'd have to paint him again in a new colour. The various colors mixed into brown, the one colour Stephanie didn't want.

The ninth episode Emma stars in is Jungle Cupcakes. To get away from the mosquitoes who are eating her and her friends, Stephanie decided to bake cupcakes. When there were no baking ingredients they used other substances instead. When given a cupcake Emma dug in, but was extremely dissatisfied with the horrible taste. To the girls' pleasure the mosquitoes start eating the cupcakes instead of them.

In Icy Science Show Emma assisted Olivia carry out an experiment to create ice art, which ended successfully.

The eleventh episode Emma stars in is What's at Heart?. The episode starts with the friends trying to find a picture for the school newspaper. Andrea spotted what appeared to be a unicorn in a photo, Olivia claimed that the picture isn't real news or fact. After the friends published the story anyway, Emma told the girls they're being featured on Heartlake News about the story. Before they are featured on the show and Mia gave the girls an invite to Blaize's birthday party. The girls were terrified when Blaize turned out to be the unicorn. When the girls were featured on the news, Andrea saved them by showing the invite to Blaize's party claiming the unicorn was found. The girls walked away together.

The thirteenth episode Emma appears in is named Two Jacobs. Olivia started talking about Jacob and how she said goodbye to him at the train station, Mia said that was impossible as she saw Jacob in the mall fifteen minutes ago. Emma decided to get to the bottom of this mystery and decided she would take photos of "Jacob.", for Olivia. Emma and Andrea went around the shopping mall in disguises taking photo of Jacob. Emma gave Olivia the photos, Olivia stated the pictures of "Jacob" are not Jacob and in fact someone else. "Jacob" introduced himself as Julian and said he has a cousin called Jacob and sometimes people get them confused. Emma and Andrea sneaked out and said they're going to hide in the mall while shopping in the summer sale, which caused the other four to laugh.

In Emma's Ornament Ewa recorded Emma making an ornament for her design show, Emma's Design Show.

The fifteenth episode Emma appears in is called "I Heart Card You". Emma invented the heart card, and planned to invite all her friends to the park by giving them all one. When Emma fell asleep,all her test-cards flew out of her window and they ended up around the city. The girls showed Emma the heart cards and told her how everyone, including them, loved them. Emma was not bothered by this and sent the girls another heart card and the episode ended with them enjoying a picnic.

The last sleepover in Emma's old house

The thirteenth and fourteenth episodes she stars in are called "Emma is Moving" (part 1) (part 2). Charlotte surprised Emma that they were moving house. The girls decided to throw Emma a surprise slumber party and decorated her room with heart cards, thinking Emma was moving. Emma loved the surprise and thanked the girls. Emma felt like the girls didn't know her as they thought she wouldn't give them her new address. Emma gave her mother several items to bring to bring to the thrift store. The girls bought the items as housewarming gifts, which convinced Emma they knew her.

In "What an Interesting Ice Cream", Mia made a new cherry-flavour ice cream, which the girls tried and hated. To avoid disappointing Mia, as the girls knew no one would buy that flavour of ice cream, Emma and the girls tried to buy all the ice cream. Mia refused, so the girls wore different disguises so Mia would sell it to them. When Mia figured out, she treated the girls with a chocolate ice cream, as they tried not to disappoint her.

The sixteenth episode Emma appears in is "Big Dreams". In this episode, she danced with her friends to Andrea's singing.

In "Valentines Whaaat?", the girls were shocked and angry when Andrea got a valentine card from Jacob. Olivia said that Andrea should go on the date with Jacob and she said herself and Jacob are not dating. Andrea went, but brought the girls with her to confront Jacob. Jacob revealed the card was supposed to be for Olivia and the two embarked on a date, which Emma and the others thought was adorable.

The fisherman thanking Emma for her beauty class

In "The Unprankables", Cole and Olivia's brother, Izzy, tried to prank their sisters. They switched the signs on the workshops the girls were teaching in, leading those attending to enter the wrong class. Ultimately, however, the attendants loved the ones they tried out and thanked the girls.

In "Girls DON'T Snore", Emma's father, Luis, accused the girls of snoring. Olivia brought a tape recorder the next night to record the snoring, if there was any. Emma put a piece of invisible tape on her nose, to ensure she did not to snore. When the girls played the tape recorder back, they heard snoring, but the girls said they should all forget the night and move on.

In "Look High and Low", Mia and Emma left a treasure map in Heartlake Lighthouse for Andrea, Kate, Olivia, and Stephanie to find. Once they find the location the treasure is revealed to be a picnic. The six then sat down and enjoyed their lunch together.

In the following episode, "The Juicy News", Stephanie wanted to find a story for the school newspaper so called Mia and Emma to see what stories they have. Emma and Mia told her various shocking stories, but they all turn out to be animals, to Stephanie's dismay.

In "Fool Me Once", Emma left a bucket of fish on her desk, and when Stephanie tripped, she fell into it.

"Making the Band" is the twenty-fourth episode she stars in. Emma played the bass for her band The Heartbeats. When Matthew left the band after finding it too girly, Emms was upset. She was relieved when Stephanie took Matthew's part and played the guitar for the band. Stephanie was sad when she made a mistake, but the friends moved on and had a fun time rehearsing.

In "DAAAA-AAAD!", Olivia came over to Emma's for dinner. Luis made jokes with Olivia, which Emma found embarrassing. Olivia was embarrassed when Peter later made jokes to Emma. The two friends laughed it off and poked fun at their embarrassing fathers.

Throwing heart cards out the hot hair balloon

The twenty-sixth episode Emma appears in is named "Friendship in the Air". Emma and her five best friends threw heart cards at civilians out of a hot air balloon.

In "Our Special Day", Andrea accidentally invited her Mother to the movies instead of her friends. Emma and the three others are mortified when they realised they forgot Mother's Day. They all decided to invite their Mothers to the cinema and had a pizza night.

In "Life of Livi", Emma watched a documentary about Livi.

In the following episode, "Bubbly Personality", The Heartbeats were opening for Livi's concert, Emma played bass during the band's performance.

In "A Spooky Sensation", Emma and her friends went ghost hunting for The White Lady in the hotel. The ghost turned out to be Stephanie when she sleepwalked and sleep-ate.

Emma makes a minor appearance in "Nate Wants a Date". She played the bass for Nate's and Stephanie's dinner.

In the thirty-second episode she appears in, "Room For Practice", Emma and her friends had to search for a new place to rehearse their band, as Mia's garage was being cleaned. After they searched, they eventually found the perfect place, which was the school office.

The thirty-third episode Emma appears in is named "Busy with Dizzy". Emma and Andrea pushed various animals on a roundabout.

The hair cut Emma gave Mia

In "The Great Hair Day", Emma invited everyone to join her at the hair salon. Mia volunteered to be Emma's demo while the other friends took Natasha. Emma gave Mia the best hair cut as she made it personal.

In "Picture Perfect", Emma congratulated Olivia and Stephanie when they won an aquatic photo-taking competition.

The thirty-sixth episode Enma appears in is called "Jacob sings of Love". Matthew told the girls that Jacob wrote a love song. The girls thought it was about Olivia and decided to read it, to Olivia's dismay. The girls were horrified when they found out it was about a girl named Suzie and they confronted Jacob. Jacob told the girls Suzie is his dog and he wrote it about her.

Emma makes a minor appearance in '"Not Just Baking'". Olivia and Emma made a gingerbread house with a functioning toilet for their cookery class.

In "Studio of Fun" Olivia and Livi returned to the recording studio to see Andrea and Emma messing with the equipment. The two are not annoyed and began to mess themselves.

Emma takes a quiz on which pop star, she is in "Which Star Are You?". At the end of the quiz she turned out to be Livi.

Emma and her best friends discover Andrea is reading postcards in "Letters of Love". Andrea reveals that the cards are from Ms. Stevens and Chef Pierre. The girls suggest Andrea should get the two on the date. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Favorite animal: Horse, Robin

Hair color: Black

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Fruits and veggies. And chocolate. And cupcakes. And pizza…

I love: Designing clothes and jewelry, crafts, interior decorating, remodeling and horseback jumping.

I’m also good at: Yoga, giving makeovers, martial arts, making origami animals.

My friends think I’m sometimes: Forgetful, but I never forget to accessorize.

I want to be: A designer

Motto: “That’s SO you!”

I would never: Leave home in clothes and accessories that don’t match!

I like to hang out: At the beauty salon and my design studio.


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