What's at Heart?

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"What's at Heart?"
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"What's at Heart?" is a Friends webisode currently being shown on LEGO.com.


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The rocks in the shape of a dinosaur photo

The episode starts with three of the five friends Andrea, Olivia, and Stephanie in a school classroom trying to find a story for the front page of the school newspaper. When they can't find a story Andrea suggests they do a story on her getting an A in her science project, but Stephanie claims that isn't real news. Emma rushes in with a picture and claims she has breaking news as she spotted rocks in the shape of a dinosaur, though the girls think that's not news either. Andrea then notices what appears to be a unicorn behind the rocks, Olivia claims that the picture isn't real news or fact. But the girls pulping the story anyway, much to Olivia's horror. Adding to the horror, Emma tells the girls they're being featured on Heartlake News about the story. Before they are featured on the show and Mia gives the girls an invite to Blaize's birthday party. The girls are terrified when Blaize turns out to be the unicorn, as Mia took the picture of her with a white party hat on while Emma took the photo of the rocks. When the girls are featured on the news, Andrea saves them by showing the invite to Blaize's party calming the unicorn was found. The girls walk away and thank Andrea for the save and Stephanie tells Olivia she won't publish something without facts again. Emma then states she sees a UFO above Blaize's head and the episode ends with the girls laughing.



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