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1979 - 1980, 1997 - 2001

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Scala is a theme that ran from 1979 through 1980, then again from 1997 until 2001. The theme was primarily targeted at younger girls.

The 1979-1980 theme was a series of jewelry and beauty accessories built out of LEGO bricks, especially plates. The 1997-2001 theme focused on doll-like Scala Figures, their homes and interests.

Note the flower pattern on the 4x4 baseplate.

An unusual feature of Scala sets released in 1997 and 1998 was that many of the bricks didn't feature regular studs. Instead, sets of four studs were combined into an arrangement that resembled a flower. Only some regular bricks could be attached to these flower-studs. In 1999, Scala returned to ordinary studs.

List of Sets[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 308  Bracelet          
No image 309  Bracelet          
No image 310  Necklace          
No image 3100  Girl's Sportswear          
No image 3101  Ladies' Cocktail Dress          
No image 3102  Men's Sportwear          
No image 3103  Christian In a Blue Blazer          
No image 3104  Caroline In a Red Dress          
No image 3105  Emma In a Flower Dress          
No image 3106  Marie In a Rainbow Skirt          
No image 3107  Andrea In a Sunny Dress          
No image 3108  Birthday Accessories          
No image 311  Necklace          
No image 3110  Four Animal Friends          
No image 3112  Baby's Nursery          
No image 3114  My Place          
No image 3115  Kitchen          
No image 3116  Cool Ice Cream Café          
No image 3117  Flashy Pool          
No image 3118  Fun Fashion Boutique          
No image 3119  Sunshine Home          
No image 312  Bracelet and Pendant          
No image 3120  Room          
No image 3121  Summer Day Out          
No image 3122  123 Marie          
No image 3123  Emma's Chill-Out Kitchen          
No image 3124  Indie's Stable          
No image 313  Bracelet and Pendant          
No image 3130  Thomas in Stroller          
No image 3132  Emma in Spring Dress          
No image 3133  Andrea Doll          
No image 3134  Marie Doll          
No image 3135  Olivia in Flower Pants          
No image 3136  Christian in Blue Jeans          
No image 3137  Mens' Casual Wear          
No image 3138  Ladies' Fashion Wear          
No image 3139  Girls' Wild Windbreaker          
No image 3140  Dancing Circle Dress          
No image 3141  Baby Wear          
No image 3142  Marie in her Studio          
No image 3143  Camping Trip          
No image 3144  Horse Stable          
No image 3146  Shopping Accessories          
No image 3148  Carla's Winter Camp          
No image 3149  Happy Home          
No image 3150  Puppy Playground          
No image 3151  Emma on the Move          
No image 3152  Playroom for the Baby Thomas          
No image 3155  Olivia in Smooth Dress          
No image 3156  Fun Clothes          
No image 3157  Sweater and Skirt          
No image 3158  Chris          
No image 3159  Party Celebration          
No image 3200  Beauty Studio          
No image 3201  Living Room          
No image 3202  Laundry Room          
No image 3203  Girl and Beauty Cabinet          
No image 3204  Auntie Jane and Cousin Sophie          
No image 3205  Picnic          
No image 3206  Girl Making Lunch          
No image 3210  Ladies' Dress and Accessories          
No image 3211  Girl's Dress and Accessories          
No image 3220  Father with Gifts          
No image 3240  Andrea's Miniature Garden          
No image 3241  Nursery          
No image 3242  Bathroom          
No image 3243  Kitchen          
No image 3244  Gift Shop          
No image 3270  Dream Cottage          
No image 3290  The Big Family House          
No image 3900  Bracelet          
No image 4306  Rings          
No image 4307  Rings          
No image 4336  Mirror          
No image 5401  Kitchen Accessories          
No image 5413  Beauty Set          
No image 5414  Kitchen Set          
No image 5415  Garden Set          

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