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1994 - 2009


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Belville is a theme that was created to appeal primarily to girls. It was introduced in 1994, and discontinued in November 2009. Though the theme itself revolved around system, it had doll-like figures called Belville Figures instead of regular LEGO minifigures.


Belville sets are made up of System parts, but used larger figures than conventional minifigures, called Belville Figures, that have multiple joints.

A Belville horse

Early Belville sets were packaged under the LEGO System boycott. This was stopped in 1999. Sets in the theme contain pieces specially made for Belville and that later appeared in some normal LEGO sets. Many bricks also have unique features such as embedded glitter. The sets include larger pieces, often in a pink and purple colour scheme, and depict scenes from fairy tales and fantasy, as well as everyday life. Belville also made a lot of animals that are exclusive to the theme, for a while although their eyes were changed and put into other themes later, such as the cat.

Belville wallpaper2.jpg


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 22  Divertimento al Cubo          
No image 2555  Belville Swing Set          
No image 2858  Girl with Two Cats          
No image 5136  Belville Accessories          
No image 5387  Belville Beach Accessories          
No image 5395  Belville Hospital Accessories          
No image 5399  Fairy Tale Accessories          
No image 5801  Millimy the Fairy          
No image 5802  Princess Rosaline          
No image 5803  Iris          
No image 5804  Witch's Cottage          
No image 5805  Princess Rosaline's Room          
No image 5807  The Royal Stable          
No image 5808  The Enchanted Palace          
No image 5810  Vanity Fun          
No image 5811  Prince Justin          
No image 5812  King          
No image 5820  Belville Garden Fun          
No image 5821  Pamela's Picnic Time          
No image 5822  Jennifer and Foal          
No image 5823  The Good Fairy's Bedroom          
No image 5824  The Good Fairy's House          
No image 5825  Stella and the Fairy          
No image 5826  The Queen's Room          
No image 5827  Royal Coach          
No image 5830  Fun-Day Sundaes          
No image 5831  Adventurous Puppies          
No image 5832  Vanilla's Magic Tea Party          
No image 5833  Rosita's Wonderful Stable          
No image 5834  The Enchanted Garden          
No image 5835  Belville Dance Studio          
No image 5836  Beautiful Baby Princess          
No image 5837  Flora's Bubbling Bath          
No image 5838  The Wicked Madam Frost          
No image 5840  Garden Playmates          
No image 5841  Beach Fun          
No image 5842  Vanilla's Frosty Sleighride          
No image 5843  Queen Rose and the Little Prince Charming          
No image 5844  Dolphin Windsurfer          
No image 5844  Laura with Surfboard          
No image 5845  Dolphin Show          
No image 5846  Desert Island          
No image 5847  Surfers' Paradise          
No image 5848  Luxury Cruiser          
No image 5850  The Royal Crystal Palace          
No image 5853  Lucinda and Cressida          
No image 5854  Pony Trekking          
No image 5855  Riding Stables          
No image 5856  Paprika and the Mischievous Monkey          
No image 5857  Safran's Amazing Bazaar          
No image 5858  The Golden Palace          
No image 5859  Little Garden Fairy          
No image 5860  Love 'N' Lullabies          
No image 5861  Fairy Island          
No image 5862  Flower Fairy Party          
No image 5870  Pretty Playland          
No image 5871  Riding Stables          
No image 5872  Golden Land          
No image 5873  Fairy Land          
No image 5874  Nursery          
No image 5875  Belville Hospital Ward          
No image 5876  Belville Hospital Ward          
No image 5877  Wedding Coach          
No image 5880  Prize Pony Stables          
No image 5890  Pretty Wishes Playhouse          
No image 5895  Villa Belville          
No image 5940  Doll House          
No image 5941  Riding School          
No image 5942  Pop Studio          
No image 5944  Cat Show          
No image 5960  The Mermaid Castle          
No image 5961  Snow Queen          
No image 5962  The Tinderbox          
No image 5963  The Princess and the Pea          
No image 5964  Thumbelina          
No image 5977  Teddy Bears on the Beach          
No image 7577  Winter Wonder Palace          
No image 7578  Ultimate Princesses          
No image 7579  Blossom Fairy          
No image 7580  The Skating Princess          
No image 7581  Winter Royal Stables          
No image 7582  Royal Summer Palace          
No image 7583  Playful Puppy          
No image 7585  Horse Stable          
No image 7586  Sunshine Home          
No image 7587  Horse Jumping          
No image 7600  Belville Advent Calendar          
No image 851873  Porcelain Picnic Tea Set          
No image 851973  Belville Ice Cube Tray          
No image 852270  Belville Fairy Coin Purse          
No image Belville  Necktie          
No image K5850  Belville Kit          
No image K5862  Flower Fairy Party Collection          
No image Plush  Belville Princess          
No image Princess  Cat Plush          


In 2009 (2011 in some countries), Bellvile was discontinued and LEGO didn't make any other girls' themes until 2012's Friends.

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