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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "[[M-Tron Astronaut|M:Tron Astronaut]]<br />See [[Astronaut]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Crusher (Drome Racers)  + ([[Crusher Beach]])
  • Sally Carrera  + ([[DUPLO]], [[System]])
  • Flounder  + ([[DUPLO]]<br />[[System]])
  • Steven Spielberg  + ([[Director]])
  • Brains  + ([[Diver (Atlantis)|Atlantis Diver]]<br />[[Power Miners|Power Miner]]<br />Lava Protection Suit)
  • Dragon Knight (Kingdoms)  + ([[Elite Dragon Knight]]<br />[[Torch Dragon Knight]]<br />[[Spear Dragon Knight]]<br />[[Axe Dragon Knight]]<br />[[Crossbow Dragon Knight]]<br />[[Catapult Dragon Knight]]<br />[[Dragon Soldier]])
  • Firox  + ([[Firax]] <small>(Lava version)</small><br />[[Eruptorr]] <small>(Large [[Firax]])</small>)
  • Mummy Warrior  + ([[Flying Mummy]]<br />[[Snake Charmer Mummy]])
  • Skulkin  + ([[Frakjaw]]<br />[[Krazi]]<br />[[Bonezai]]<br />[[Chopov]]<br />[[Samukai]]<br />[[Nuckal]]<br />[[Wyplash]]<br />[[Kruncha]]<br />[[Microfigure]]<br />Skeleton Dummy)
  • Freddy Fox  + ([[Freddy Fox 2]])
  • Freeze Goon  + ([[Freeze Girl]]<br />[[Freeze Bodyguard]])
  • Mr. Freeze Henchman  + ([[Freeze Girl]]<br />[[Freeze Goon]]<br />[[Freeze Bodyguard]])
  • Freeze Bodyguard  + ([[Freeze Goon]])
  • Rama  + ([[Freeze]], [[Chill]], [[Warrior]], [[Ghos
    [[Freeze]], [[Chill]], [[Warrior]], [[Ghost (LEGO Racers 2)|Ghost]], [[Snake (LEGO Racers 2)|Snake]], [[Duster]], [[Lightor]], [[Loopin]], [[Pulse]], [[Rip]], [[Scratch]], [[Shredd]], [[Spiky]], [[Subzero]], [[Surfer (Xalax)|Surfer]], [[Gear (Xalax)|Gear]]
    er (Xalax)|Surfer]], [[Gear (Xalax)|Gear]])
  • G-Force  + ([[G-Force Street]])
  • G-Force Street  + ([[G-Force]])
  • Security Droid General  + ([[General Cryptor]])
  • Geonosian Zombie  + ([[Geonosian Warrior]])
  • Crown Knight  + ([[Golden Knight]] See [[Crown Knights#Gallery|Gallery]])
  • Bodyguard  + ([[Goon]]<br />[[Henchman (Disambiguation)|Henchmen]]<br />see variants)
  • Norman Osborn  + ([[Green Goblin]])
  • Ice Planet Female  + ([[Ice Planet Astronaut]]<br />[[Commander Cold]])
  • Ice Planet Astronaut  + ([[Ice Planet Female]], [[Commander Cold]])
  • Joker Bodyguard  + ([[Joker Goon]]<br />[[Joker Henchman]]<br />[[Clown Goon]]<br />[[Mime Goon]])
  • Portrait of Fat Lady  + ([[Light Grey]]<br>[[Light Bluish Violet]])