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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "Jane Foster<br />Thor (Jane Foster)". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Policeman (World City)  + (Helmet, Smile, Frown, Undercover)
  • Astronaut (2015)  + (Helmet<br />Cap)
  • Agent Kallus  + (Helmet<br />Hair)
  • Curtis Bolt  + (Helmet<br />No Helmet)
  • Iron Man  + (Heroic Age<br /> Mark 6<br />Mark 7 <br /> Mark 17<br /> Mark 33 <br /> Mark 37<br />Mark 39<br />Mark 42<br />Mark 43<br />Mark 45<br />Mark 46<br />''Infinity War''<br/>UCS Mark 43<br/>Mighty Micros<br>See also: [[Tony Stark]])
  • Peter Parker  + (High School<br />Jacket<br />Casual clothes<br />[[Spider-Man (4 Plus)|4 Plus]]<br />[[Super Heroes]]<br />see [[Spider-Man (minifigure)|Spider-Man]])
  • Ron Weasley  + (Hogwarts Robes<br /> Black Shirt<br /> Slytherin Robes, diguised as [[Vincent Crabbe|Crabbe]]<br /> Hogwarts Robes (New face, hair and design)<br /> Red Jumper with Black Pants<br /> Red Jumper with Reddish Brown Pants<br />2018<br>[[Microfigure]])
  • Harry Potter (minifigure)  + (Hogwarts Robes<br /> Gryffindor Robe
    Hogwarts Robes
    Gryffindor Robes
    Blue shirt, tan pants
    Green shirt, blue pants
    Quidditch Robes
    Dark Blue jacket, light grey pants
    Red shirt, light gray pants
    Dark Grey Jacket, tan pants
    Grey shirt, dark blue pants
    Triwizard Robes- First Task
    Triwizard Shirt and Swimmers
    Triwizard Robes- Third Task
    Dress Robes
    d Swimmers<br /> Triwizard Robes- Third Task<br /> Dress Robes<br> Dimensions<br> 2018<br/>Microfigure)
  • Jason Kidd  + (Home Jersey (Dark Blue)<br />Away Jersey (White))
  • Kobe Bryant  + (Home Jersey (Yellow)<br />Away Jersey (Purple))
  • Shaquille O'Neal  + (Home Jersey<br />Away Jersey)
  • Mirkwood Elf  + (Hooded <br /> No Hood)
  • Rebel Trooper  + (Human with vest<br />Human with bandolier<br />Duros<br />Rodian<br/>''Rogue One'' (75153)<br/>''Rogue One'' (75154)<br/>''Rogue One'' (75155)<br/>75164 version 1<br/>75164 version 2<br/>75164 version 3<br/>75164 version 4)
  • Chope  + (Human<br />Anacondrai)
  • Kapau  + (Human<br />Anacondrai)
  • Umarak  + (Hunter<Br>Destroyer)
  • Icepaw  + (Ice Armour<br />Big Ice Armour)
  • Winston Zeddemore  + (Ideas<br />75827)
  • Ray Stantz  + (Ideas<br />75827)
  • Egon Spengler  + (Ideas<br />75827)
  • Dalek  + (Ideas<br />Dimensions)
  • Peter Venkman  + (Ideas<br />Dimensions<br />Slimed)
  • Taejo Togokhan  + (Jacket)
  • Hot Tub Harry  + (Jacket<br />Hot Tub)
  • Admiral James Norrington  + (James Norrington (Video Game only) Norrington (Disgraced))
  • Azrael  + (Jean-Paul Valley<br />Michael Lane<br />Batman)
  • Von Kruchman  + (Jetpack)
  • Rex Dangervest  + (Jetpack<br>Spacesuit<br>Vest Friend)
  • Skylor Chen  + (Jungle robes<br/>2017 robes)
  • Belloq  + (Jungle<br />Normal<br />Robes)
  • The Four Golden Weapons  + (Katana, Regular)
  • Argus Filch  + (Keys pattern printed on legs)
  • Prince Varen  + (King)
  • Huntress  + (LEGO Batman<br />LEGO Batman 2<br />Arrow Pack DLC)
  • Skeleton Crossbowman  + (LEGO Battles version)
  • Assistant (Life on Mars)  + (Large Visor, Transparent Visor)
  • Thomas (Scala)  + (Large eyes, small eyes)
  • Lavaria  + (Lavaria<br/>Ultimate Lavaria)
  • Emma  + (Lavender top, earth blue skirt<br />
    Lavender top, earth blue skirt
    Lavender top, bright reddish violet skirt
    Medium lilac top, earth blue skirt
    Aqua top, bright reddish violet skirt
    Aqua top, light royal blue skirt
    White top, medium lavender skirt
    Lavender top, light royal blue skirt
    Aqua top, medium lilac skirt
    Pop Star
    rt<br />Lavender top, light royal blue skirt<br />Aqua top, medium lilac skirt<br />Pop Star<br />Camp)
  • Ghost (Monster Fighters)  + (Legs<br />No legs)
  • Soul Archer  + (Legs<br />Tail)
  • Bansha  + (Legs<br />Trail)
  • Wrayth  + (Legs<br />Trail)
  • Adult (City)  + (Lifeguard<br/> Cleaner<br/>Female swimmer (grey hair)<br/>Woman<br/>Metal detector<br/>Male swimmer<br/> Windsurfer<br/>Diver<br/>Beach volleyballer<br/>Female swimmer (black hair)<br/>Kayaker)
  • Dolphin  + (Light Gray, Transparent Light Blue, White)
  • Sawfish  + (Light Gray<br />Dark Bluish Gray<br />Black)
  • Santa Claus  + (Light grey legs<br />Black hips<b
    Light grey legs
    Black hips
    Red legs
    White hips
    Dark grey legs, pupils
    Orange eyebrows
    Brown eyebrows
    Dark grey legs
    White facial hair
    2017 version
    DUPLO figure
    />Dark grey legs<br />White facial hair<br />Gloves<br />Redesign<br/>2017 version<br/>DUPLO figure)
  • Luminara Unduli  + (Light-up lightsaber<br />''The Clone Wars''<br/>2016 variant)
  • Lord Business  + (Lord Business<br />President Business)
  • Lord Voldemort  + (Lord Voldemort<br /> Voldemort (back of [[Professor Quirrell|Quirrell's]] head)<br /> Lord Voldemort (2010 Redesign)<br /> Dimensions<br> See also: [[Tom Riddle]])