The Eagle and the Bear

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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"The Eagle and the Bear"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

Season №:


Episode №:



Peder Pedersen


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive)


John Derevlany


Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Jeff Evans Todd (voice)
Cassandra Ford (voice)
Christopher Molineux (voice)
Seann Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice)

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

April 5, 2014


Legends of Chima

"The Eagle and the Bear" is the 4th episode in the second season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and the 24th episode of the series as a whole.

Official description[edit]

The Scorpion Tribe and the Spider Tribe have set up a tricky trap, and the heroes must free the Legend Beast Eagle and the Bear in one daring effort. Hopefully, Lavertus and his Helicopter are helping out. But the Scorpions and Spiders have Speedorz of their own.

Characters (In order of appearance)[edit]


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Peder Pedersen +
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Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive) +
22 minutes +
Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voBethany Brown (voice)<br />David Attar (voice)<br />Scott Shantz (voice)<br />Bill Courage (voice)<br />Michael Patric (voice)<br />Jeff Evans Todd (voice)<br />Cassandra Ford (voice)<br />Christopher Molineux (voice)<br />Seann Shaffer(voice)<br />Dave Pettitt (voice)n Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice) +
"The Eagle and the Bear" +
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