The Golden Castle

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Nexo Knights

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"The Golden Castle"

Nexo Knights

Season №:


Episode №:

1.06 (6 total)

Running time:

22 Minutes



First released/aired:

March 3rd, 2016


Nexo Knights

"The Golden Castle" is the sixth Nexo Knights episode.

Official Synopsis[edit]

Aaron's fearlessness saved the team, but now they have a new challenge. Lance got the part in a movie called 'The Golden Castle' and brought the rest of the team in front of the camera. The Book of Monsters wants to eat the script so he can make everybody do as he pleases and soon there is a bit more action on set than the director planned for.



  • Lance's agent makes references to several parodies of films when talking to Lance- Lanceformers, where Lance can "lanceform" into various household appliances and save the world; Lancevengers, a film about a team of heroes with cool powers who are all clones of Lance; and Knightjago 3, about a knight that fights by "spinning around or something".

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