The Phoenix has Landed

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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"The Phoenix has Landed"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

Season №:


Episode №:



Peder Pedersen


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive)


John Derevlany


Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Jeff Evans Todd (voice)
Cassandra Ford (voice)
Christopher Molineux (voice)
Seann Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice)

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

October 25, 2014


Legends of Chima

The Phoenix has Landed is the twelfth episode in the third season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and the 38th episode of the series as a whole.

Official Description[edit]

Saddened to see his father distraught over the loss of the Map and his best friend Tormak, Flinx boldly sneaks off to confront Sir Fangar on his own. But he falls into a clever trap. King Fluminox who has now lost his son, too, can no longer stay above the fray. Laval, Eris and Cragger joins him a daring rescue in the flying Phoenix Blazing Bastion … but yet another trap awaits.


In the magical world of Chima, the Hunters are down, but not out. Sir Fangar has a plan: he blackmails Tormak, and offers to free his daughter, Li'ella if he steals the all powerful Phoenix Artifact, a sacred object that could end the conflict. But the artifact explodes, and Tormak is charred, turning him into the mysterious panther from Eris' visions. Sir Fangar proceeds with his plans to marry Li'ella.
―Opening monologue

Atop Spiral Mountain, Li'ella continues demanding her release as the Hunters prepare for the wedding. The other Saber-tooth Tigers, Mammoths, and Vultures are present and making finishing touches. Sir Fangar confronts Vardy on the choice of wardrobe he has the Saber-tooth Cat wearing. (A gold, glittery jacket and a party hat.) Vardy, however, insists that Sir Fangar wears the wardrobe, determined that it must be official and formal. Sir Fangar tries to check on the prisoner, but the Vulture stops him, claiming it's bad luck. The wedding starts. Mottrot, Mungus, and a three other Mammoths then get together and trumpet "Here Comes the Bride" as conducted by Vardy, which clearly irritates the Saber-tooth Tigers and Vultures. The groom walks down the alter with Stealthor, Strainor and Sykor behind him, and demands Vardy to cut the music. Immediately afterwards, Eris, Laval, Rogon, Worriz, and Cragger show up and crash the wedding. Maula laments on how she knew it was a terrible location, and fires a lazer at the eagle, but misses. Sir Fangar orders the soldiers to seize the lion, rhinoceros, wolf, and crocodile on the ground. The heroes manage to tie ropes around, and tip over one of the Mammoth Mechs. They then target the one containing the Lioness. Some of the hunters like Vardy manage to cut a few ropes, but it doesn't afflict the heroes too much. Mottrot then comes by, swallows an orb of chi, and he quickly slices through all of the ropes the heroes attached, which causes the mech to teeter. After an attempt to drive away Laval and Cragger, Sir Fangar gives up and lets Li'Ella fall off the cliff. However Laval tosses his sword and some fire Chi to her and she cuts herself lose and they bring her back to Mt. Cavora. Meanwhile, Fluminox is mourning over Tormak's betrayal. Flinx tries to comfort him but to no avail. So he jumps on a speedor and rides over to the Fangs and walks out onto the frozen Gorge. He becomes more unstable and finally melts through the ice and falls into gorge. The hunters at last have what they wanted and cover the hole back up and wait for Fluminox and the Phoenix to come looking for him. Just as they anticipated Laval and the others come and dive into the Gorge with the Blazing Bastion. Although Flinx is rescued, they are trapped in by Sir Fangar and figure nothing could get them out of there. Just then Lavertus who is down in the cave reveals himself to be alive and offers to help the heroes escape.

Characters (In order of appearance)[edit]

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Peder Pedersen +
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Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive) +
22 minutes +
Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voBethany Brown (voice)<br />David Attar (voice)<br />Scott Shantz (voice)<br />Bill Courage (voice)<br />Michael Patric (voice)<br />Jeff Evans Todd (voice)<br />Cassandra Ford (voice)<br />Christopher Molineux (voice)<br />Seann Shaffer(voice)<br />Dave Pettitt (voice)n Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice) +
"The Phoenix has Landed" +
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