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World City


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Town Jr.
City Center

World City is a subtheme of Town that was introduced in 2003. It featured several sets that involved police, firefighters, Coast Guards, and Trains.


After the discontinuation of City Center in 2001 there were no new releases of town life related LEGO System sets until the introduction of World City in 2003 (although there have been some rereleases in the meantime, as well as continued releases of the Trains theme). World City's last new sets were released in 2004. The theme was succeeded by City which was introduced in 2005.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10157  High Speed Train Locomotive          
No image 10158  High Speed Train Car          
No image 3383  Chef          
No image 3384  Train Worker          
No image 3385  Conductor Charlie          
No image 4032  Passenger Plane          
No image 4111  Cross Road Plate          
No image 4511  High Speed Train          
No image 4512  Cargo Train          
No image 4513  Grand Central Station          
No image 4514  Cargo Crane          
No image 65801  Trains Value Pack          
No image 7030  Squad Car          
No image 7031  Helicopter          
No image 7032  Highway Patrol & Undercover Van          
No image 7033  Armored Car Action          
No image 7034  Surveillance Truck          
No image 7035  Police HQ          
No image 7042  Dune Patrol          
No image 7043  Firefighter          
No image 7044  Rescue Chopper          
No image 7045  Hovercraft Hideout          
No image 7046  Fire Command Craft          
No image 7047  Coast Watch HQ          
No image 7214  Sea Plane          
No image TS22  T-Shirt, World City          

Train sets released within World City[edit]