76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit

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Captain America Jet Pursuit
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Captain America
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

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Marvel Super Heroes

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76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit is a Marvel Super Heroes set released on January 12017.

LEGO.com description[edit]

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Retrieve Captain America's shield from evil Super-Adaptoid!

Ms. Marvel is on a mission to help retrieve Captain America’s shield from Super-Adaptoid, who is shooting back with his Power Blasts. Use her super-extending arms to attach her to the jet, which features movable wings for flying and attack modes, a minifigure cockpit with space for a shield, and dual disc shooters. Includes three minifigures.

  • Includes three minifigures: Pilot Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Super-Adaptoid.
  • Captain America's jet features sweep back wings, dual disc shooters and a minifigure cockpit with shield holder and Captain America logo.
  • Attach the Power Blast elements to Super-Adaptoid's hands, then push inwards to fire!
  • Extend Ms. Marvel's flexible arms on either side by sliding them through the super torso.
  • Push a trigger in the aircraft's tail forward to switch from flying mode into attack mode ,then fire the dual disc shooters at Super-Adaptoid.
  • Also includes new-for-spring-2017 Power Blast weapons.
  • Accessory elements include three translucent-blue thrusters, Captain America's shield, Super-Adaptoid's wings, Ms. Marvel's big hands and four shooting discs.
  • This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 6-12.
  • Captain America's jet measures over 1” (5cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 7” (18cm) wide with wings swept back.
  • Captain America's jet with wings extended measures over 1” (5cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 7” (20cm) wide with wings swept forward.

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