Agent Swipe

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Agent Swipe

    Agents 2.0


Dark stone grey body armour



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Agent Swipe is an Agents 2.0 minifigure introduced in 2009. He has only appeared in one set, 8967 Gold Tooth's Getaway.


Agent Swipe has a tan hairpiece depicting a buzzcut. His head is bright yellow. It depicts a smile, with two orange eyebrows (one raised), and two eyes, cheek bones, and a communication device. His torso is earth blue with bright yellowish green and black designs on it. The arms are both earth blue have and have dark stone grey hands. In the upper left corner is the Agents symbol, a cool silver targeting scope with dark stone grey crosshairs and a bright yellowish green A over it. Swipe's legs are earth blue with a vertical stripe on each one. The stripe is cool silver, with bright yellowish green inside of it and black outlining it. The hips are dark stone grey with cool silver, black and bright yellowish green printing. On the left leg is a cool silver rectangular ID tag. It has a picture of a black minifigure head and torso on the left, and has three small horizontal lines next to that. Between his head and his torso, there is a dark stone grey piece that represents body armour.


Agent Swipe driving the supertrike

Agent Swipe was a member of the Agents organisation, based in LEGO City. He was once tasked with recovering a golden dinosaur statue stolen from the LEGO City Museum by Gold Tooth. It is unknown whether or not he succeeded in his mission; his whereabouts after the mission are also unknown.