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Okay. On the count of three. Jump.
―Agent Chase[1]
Agent Chase

    Agents 2.0


Single-sided head
Single-sided head (diving gear)
Double-sided head
Double-sided head (neck bracket)
Double-sided head (helmet)
Double-sided head (body armour)


Black pistol
Dark stone grey body armour
Silver helmet (transparent yellow visor, transparent light blue diving mask)
Oxygen tank



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Agent Chase is an Agents minifigure introduced in 2008. He is the main protagonist in the Agents theme and its Agents 2.0 subtheme.


Single-sided head

Agent Chase has short, tousled black hair, parted on the right. His head is bright yellow. It depicts a scowl, with downward-slanted eyebrows (at the same level) over two eyes, and a mouth with one corner angled down. His torso is earth blue with bright yellowish green and black designs on it. The arms are both earth blue have and have dark stone grey hands. In the upper left corner is the Agents symbol, a cool silver targeting scope with dark stone grey crosshairs and a bright yellowish green A over it. Chase's legs are earth blue with a vertical stripe on each one. The stripe is cool silver, with bright yellowish green inside of it and black outlining it. The hips are dark stone grey with cool silver, black and bright yellowish green printing. On the left leg is a cool silver rectangular ID tag. It has a picture of a black minifigure head and torso on the left, and has three small horizontal lines next to that.

Double-sided head

This variation is the same as the previous one, but the head is printed with two faces, on opposite sides of the head. The new face print depicts earth blue sunglasses over a smirking expression, a mouth twitched in a smile, and behind the shades, eyebrows slanted down. One eyebrow is raised higher than the other, adding to the effect. A small microphone connected to the sunglasses is located to the side of the mouth. The other side wears the same scowl as the previous variant. When the hair is placed over the head, one of these faces is covered.

Body armour

This variation is the same as the double-faced variant, but Agent Chase is wearing dark stone grey bulletproof armour between his head and torso.


This variation is the same as the double-faced variant, but Agent Chase is wearing a silver crash helmet with a transparent yellow visor.

Neck bracket

This variation is the same as the double-faced variant, but Agent Chase is wearing a medium stone grey neck bracket between his head and torso.

Diving gear

This variant is the same as the single-faced variant, but Agent Chase's hair is replaced by a silver crash helmet with a transparent light blue diving mask. Between his head and torso, there is a dark stone grey oxygen tank with a mouth piece.


Agent Chase is the leader of an elite team of not-so-secret-agents, the Agents. The Agents are an organisation based in LEGO City, mostly operating there, but also internationally. Doctor Inferno is an evil genius who tries to take over the world and bring the Agents to an end. He rose up and created his own organisation and hired many henchmen, many of which were deformed, and enhanced them. His first known scheme was to send his henchman, Saw Fist, to steal an energy crystal. Agent Chase managed to spot Saw Fist escaping on his snowmobile, and pursued him downhill in a heli-pack. After shooting at the glass case the energy crystal was contained in several times, Chase used his heli-pack's grappling hook to remove the energy crystal. Saw-Fist's snowmobile, moving at a high velocity, flipped over after the grappling hook caused it to suddenly stop; Saw Fist was then apprehended. Some time later, Dr. Inferno had one of his henchmen, Break Jaw execute Agent Trace by feeding her to cyborg laser sharks. However, Agent Chase managed to rescue her by trapping the sharks in fishing nets, firing his harpoon at the buoy she was suspended on and using it to get over to her. The Agents did not attempt to capture Break Jaw, instead leaving him behind in the stormy, shark-infested waters with only his jet-ski. Break Jaw managed to escape. Some time later, at one of Dr. Inferno's desert bases, Spy Clops was seen having a video call with Inferno on a laptop. Agent Chase, revealed to have been spying on Spy Clops, crashed through the base's skylight, grabbed the laptop, and broke through a window to escape. Chase jumped into his vehicle which was parked outside, and quickly sped away into the desert. Spy Clops and his henchman were in close pursuit in the former's helicopter. After a brief skirmish in the desert, Spy Clops was able to recover the laptop. However, using information that was on the laptop, Dr. Inferno was located and captured during a warehouse raid. He was incarcerated by the Agents in their Mobile Command Centre. However, Spy Clops and Gold Tooth managed to break out Inferno some time later.

After escaping, Inferno sent Break Jaw and Slime Face on a mission to recover sunken treasure. After learning about Inferno's new plan, Agent Chase and Agent Charge went on a mission to recover the treasure chest first. After exiting the submarine piloted by Agent Charge, Chase was spotted by Slime Face. Break Jaw fired at the submarine, but missed. It is unknown what happened in the ensuing fight, but the criminals were presumably thwarted by the Agents. After that mission, the location of Dr. Inferno's secret volcano base was discovered, and Agent Fuse made a solo mission to infiltrate it. However, Dr. Inferno, Claw-Dette, and Fire-Arm managed to capture Agent Fuse and planned to kill him in a lava pit. After learning of Fuse's peril, Agent Chase and Agent Trace set out for the base. Piloting the turbocopter, Chase trapped Inferno's henchmen in a net, allowing Agent Trace to disable the base's security systems and save Agent Fuse. The Spy was said to have destroyed Inferno's base after the Agents evacuated.

Dr. Inferno, however, survived the destruction of his base. Inferno later hired his friend, Dr. D. Zaster, to cover LEGO City in toxic slime using his Slime Chopper. However, Agent Chase destroyed the slime canisters, saving the city. Sometime after that, Agent Chase, Agent Charge, and Agent Swift discovered the Magma Commander's secret base and his legion of remote-controlled Magma Drones. Using their new Aerial Defence Unit, they destroyed the satellite dish controlling the Magma Drones, neutralising the threat and saving the city once again. After that failure, Dr. Inferno built a giant mech that he used to terrorise LEGO City. Agent Chase and Agent Trace managed to thwart his plans, but it is unknown what happened after that.



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Double-sided headDouble-sided head (neck bracket)Double-sided head (helmet)Double-sided head (body armour)Single-sided headSingle-sided head (diving gear)


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Single-sided head
Single-sided head (diving gear)
Double-sided head
Double-sided head (neck bracket)
Double-sided head (helmet)
Double-sided head (body armour) +