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Agents 2.0
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Alpha Team, Agents

Agents 2.0 is a sub-theme of Agents. Many of the sets were released during May 2009. This subtheme introduced many new minifigures, parts and accessories.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Agents 2.0 subtheme is similar towards its previous year as Agents in the fact it carried on a lot of the same minifigures, parts, logo as well as the continuation of Dr. Inferno's schemes. However, there are also some noticeable distinctions from the preceding year. Many of the new parts include body armour on all the Agents (excluding Agent Trace). The new parts also include the new 2009 larger flame and a new large transparent cockpit seen on the 8971 Aerial Defense Unit. Additionally, some new minifigures were introduced on both factions. The Agents introduced Agent Swipe and Agent Swift as two new agents. While new Dr. Inferno's henchmen were introduced or replaced predeceasing Inferno henchmen with the exception of Gold Tooth and Dr. Inferno himself. The Agents logo also had a slight colour redesign transitioning from silver to a lime-green colour with '2.0' added on the lower right corner (at least of the box art). The storyline was placed more in a city or LEGO City instead of various locations like jungle or the ocean in the previous year.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Agents are equipped with new gear and vehicles as they take on Dr. Inferno and his forces from invading the city on a crime-spree of villainous acts.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Minifigures[edit | edit source]

Agents[edit | edit source]

Inferno Henchmen[edit | edit source]

Sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
8967.jpg 8967  Gold Tooth's Getaway  68  Gold ToothAgent Swipe   $9.99 / €9.99  June 2009 
8968.jpg 8968  River Heist  203  Agent Fuse

Dollar Bill

$19.99  June 2009 
8969.jpg 8969  4-Wheeling Pursuit  320  Agent ChaseDr. D. Zaster   $29.99 / €29.99  June 2009 
8970-1.jpg 8970  Robo Attack  411  Dr. Inferno

Agent TraceAgent Chase

Tourist (3)  
$49.99  June 2009 
8971.jpg 8971  Aerial Defense Unit  733  Agent Chase

Agent ChargeAgent SwiftMagma Commander

Magma Drone (x3)  
$69.99  June 2009 
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