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Airplane Mechanic

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The Airplane Mechanic, also known as the Enemy Boxer, is an Indiana Jones minifigure released in 2009.

Description[edit | edit source]

The mechanic has unprinted sand yellow legs and hips. The rest of his body, however, is flesh colour, as the mechanic is depicted shirtless. His torso has realistic muscle printing, with six abdominal muscles in the center and even the small muscles on each side, just below the pectorals. The German mechanic is bald and has brown eyebrows and a thick mustache. His right eye is squinting slightly and there is a crease between his eyebrows in a slight frown.

Background[edit | edit source]

The mechanic, burly as he was, easily outmatched Jones, although he unintentionally saved the archaeologist's life at one point; when the Flying Wing's pilot was about to shoot Jones, the mechanic unknowingly stepped in between Jones and the pilot, so the pilot held his fire. As he gained the upper hand of the fight, the mechanic ordered Jones to fight back, unaware that the rotating plane was drawing the propellers closer to him. Bemused when Jones ducked for safety, the mechanic turned just in time to see why before he was caught in the blades and met his end.

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Mistakes[edit | edit source]

  • LEGO mistakenly released some 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing sets with some Airplane Mechanic minifigure heads, to have a grey mustache instead of a brown one.

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