Village Dignitary

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Village Dignitary

Indiana Jones



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The Villge Dignitary features in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He provided lodging and food for Indiana Jones, Short Round, and Willie Scott. The Village Dignitary then sent Indy and the others to Pankot on elephants to find the missing Sankara Stones and children from the village. When Indy returned, he brought with him one of the Sankara Stones (The other two had fallen down the bridges gap when Mola Ram tried to get them) and the chldren. The water and the crops returned once the Sankara Stone was placed in the idol and the village flourished.

Sankara Stones[edit | edit source]

The village lost the magical Sankara Stones. Legend says that when the stones are put together, the crystals inside will glow. Legend also says that there were five of these stones, but two were lost. When the Sankara Stones are taken, the children disappear, the water dries up and the crops no longer grow.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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