Balancing Act

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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"Balancing Act"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

Season №:


Episode №:



Lee Stringer


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive)


John Derevlany


David Attar (voice)
Bethany Brown (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Daniel Conter (voice)

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

September 12, 2013


Legends of Chima

"Balancing Act" is the twelfth episode of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


In ordered to avoid further raids by the Wolves, Eglor, Eris, and other Eagles continue to support the Lions delivering CHI to all the tribes using their Eagle Interceptors. Laval is perched on top of Eris' Interceptor. As the vehicles deliver CHI to the Beavers, Rhinos, and other tribes, they fly straight into a sandstorm. While the other Eagles manage to escape, Laval and Eris get caught up in the storm causing them to crash-land and ending up precariously balanced on a sharp rock over the bottomless gorge. Suddenly, the CHI Laval and Eris were transporting falls off the Interceptor onto a ledge below. Laval calls Gorzan for help. When Gorzan appears in his Gorilla Striker, he is holding "the strongest rope in all of Chima." As Laval climbs down the rope, another storm appears and blows the Eagle Interceptor into the rope, snapping it. Laval is forced to use a CHI orb to escape, but not after commenting he heard some crying or yelling coming from the Pit. Meanwhile, at the Croc Swamp Hideout, Crooler is trying to convince Cragger to forgive her with her evil flower. However, the flower is dead and wilted and will not work. Ordering Crug and Crawley to detain her, Cragger tosses Crooler into a pit. Later, Crooler escapes to her evil flower garden and picks three flower blossoms, none of which are grown enough to have the power to control Cragger. Returning to the Croc Fort, she attempts to convince Crawley and Crug to let her in. However, Crug eats a flower and still refuses to let her in. As she tries to get the support from the wolves she has to learn that they have no more interest in an alliance but another sandstorm causes enough distraction for to steal a Pack Tracker fully packed with CHI from the previous raid. Crooler is being chased by the Wolves when she manages to launch a Croc flare and thereby gaining the support of the Croc's army. Laval and Eris who managed to also escape a fight with Wolves and Crocs instead witness them fighting each other. Laval feels like he should have help his old friend Cragger and the Crocs but Eris points out to him that these fights cause Wolves and Crocs to use up all their Chi and therefore restoring the balance in Chima.


David Attar - Cragger / Crug / Rogon / Wilhurt (voice)
Bethany Brown - Eris / Crooler (voice)
Daniel Conter - Leonidas / Longtooth / Wakz (voice)
Bill Courage - Crominus / Lagravis (voice)
Jesse Inocalla - Plovar (voice)
Meghan Kinsley - Crunket / G'Loona (voice)
Matthew Monri - Winzar / Skinnet / Winzar / Crawly / Gornay (voice)
Michael Patric - Gorzan (voice)
Scott Shantz - Worriz (voice)
Jeff Evans Todd - Razar / Bladvic / Crawley / Leonidas (voice)

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Lee Stringer +
ChimaCard12.png +
Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive) +
22 minutes +
David Attar (voice)
Bethany Brown (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Daniel Conter (voice) +
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