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Woah. That place is cra-a-zy!
―Gorzan to Eris about the Falling Jungle

Legends of Chima


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2013 - 2015

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Gorzan is a gorilla Legends of Chima minifigure first released in mid-2013. He is a major protagonist in the theme, and will continue being released in 2014 sets. Gorzan is the warrior of the gorilla tribe and has appeared and the majority of episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. He is a playable character in Legends of Chima: Speedorz and Laval's Journey.


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In The Legends of Chima he is first seen playing hide and seek with Worriz, Cragger, Eris, Laval, and Skinnet.

Gorzan attended the first Chi-day tournament following the battle at The Fangs but lost in the first round to Laval. After the lion prince chased after Cragger, Eris and Gorzan followed them to the Falling Jungle where they showed up just in time to save Laval from Cragger. ("The Great Story")

In The Warrior Within he G'Loona and Grumlo see a flower on the road and make a detour many people go by but when the Ravens come Razar plucks the flower and tries to sell it to Gorzan, Gorzan gets mad and pushes Razar. Next the Wolves come in their Pack Trackers and they try to attack but Gorzan gets in his Gorilla Striker. They fight and a piece of metal falls on the flower and it droops he then puts it in a field with other flowers.

Gorzan was passing through the jungle when Eris and Laval crashed Lagravis' tank during their joyride and helped pull them out. ("The Joyride")

In Market Day, Gorzan competes in the Trail of Terrible Torture, but is distracted and crashes.

In The Hundred Year Moon, Gorzan discovers that G'Loona has gone missing on the night the Wolves go on a rampage. Gorzan explains this to Laval, Lagravis, and Eris. Laval and Eris agree to help him, and then Gorzan organizes all of the Gorilla Tribe to pilot their Gorilla mechs to fight off the wolves, but it goes horribly wrong.

When Laval switched to using the eagles as delivery birds to evade the Chi-hungry wolves, Grumlo and Gorzan caught their tribe's falling Chi. ("The CHI Jackers")

After the lions canceled the market day races due to the wolves activities, Rogon raced at the Raven's bootleg races against the other tribes' warriors. ("Crocodile Tears")

Gorzan was still at the Lion City when Cragger launched his attack. As Eris and Laval fled from a pack tracker, Gorzan rushed over in his mech and sent the vehicle flying. He then supplied them Chi orbs and fought with the Lions. He later participated in Lagravis' last stand, but was knocked off his speedor early on. ("For Chima!")

Before venturing into the Outlands, Gorzan and the other heroes stopped by the Lion City as Lagravis reminisced about everything that had happen since the battle at The Fangs. Undeterred by his fathers words however, Laval inspired Gorzan and the others, prompting them to race out of the Lion Temple.

Following the defeat of the Crawlers, Gorzan assisted in Laval's effort to turn Lavertus' Outland home into a museum.

Gorzan frozen to the tree

He competed in the first market day race after Cavora's rebirth and won when Worriz became distracted by Laval and Cragger's crash. Gorzan joined his friends that evening for a campfire at the Forever Rock. When the topic of how Chima was created came up, Gorzan proclaimed a massive tower flower lifted Mount Cavora into the sky. ("Fire Dreaming")

Not long after, Gorzan and the other gorillas were summoned by Laval as part of an army to defend against the Hunters. During the battle, in attempt to gain a tactical advantage, Gorzan and the other gorillas took to the trees, but were soon frozen to them. They remained stuck from the trees for the majority of the battle, until they were freed by Laval. Gorzan then gathered the frozen lion warriors and loaded them into the wolf truck before the Chima tribes retreated. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

Gorzan also assisted in the Chima tribes' next attempt to ambush the Hunters by dropping boulders on them from the top of a cliff. However, he was soon frozen to his mech by the vultures and had to be towed by Laval's fire lion. Yet when they reached a mysterious hilltop to pick up Eris as well, Gorzan and his mech completely thawed out and the gorilla was confident enough to get out and punch Sir Fangar. Gorzan returned to the Lion City where he, Cragger, Laval, Rogon, and Lagravis strategized their next move in the map room. Eventually, it was decided to lure the Hunters into the Falling Jungle and Gorzan rode his speedor in the chase that followed. ("The Call of Cavora")

Following the destruction of the Hunter's ice fortress, Gorzan remained Worriz's gunner as the two searched the forest for any sign of the Hunters. ("The Artifact")



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