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Strainor is a Legends of Chima Sabre-Tooth Tiger minifigure introduced in mid-2014. He is in charge of looking after the feral Sykor and has appeared in the majority of episodes of Legend of the Fire Chi.


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With Sykor

Strainor originally lived when the Phoenix first descended and built their academies atop Mount Cavora. Shortly thereafter, he and the rest of his tribe joined with Sir Fangar after the Saber-Tooth Tiger had accumulated so much knowledge from the Phoenix that he became convinced he should be the ruler of Chima. Their forces plowed through Chima causing destruction everywhere they went until the Phoenix used the Great Illumination to cast Strainor and the rest of the hunters into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. Down there, Strainor was frozen along with the rest of the Hunters in a dreamless sleep for ten thousand years until he was revived by Sir Fangar shortly after the defeat of the Crawlers. He immediately took up the task of keeping the savage Sabre-tooth Sykor on a leash. ("Fire Dreaming")

Strainor accompanied the Hunters to the crocodile swamp, then back to the Fangs to deposit their prisoners and more Chi to their fortress. When they returned to the swamp, they were met by an army of Chima warriors. During the battle, Strainor stayed close to Sir Fangar and when Lagravis came charging towards them, he loosed Sykor at the king of the lions. When the tribes constructed a wall of frozen pulsor beams to allow them to retreat, Strainor informed Sir Fangar of the situation. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

The Hunters continued their invasion, but were ambushed by the Chima tribes using rocks when they entered a canyon. During the battle that ensured, Strainor was pulled frantically around the battlefield by Sykor. ("The Call of Cavora")


Strainor is shy and timid, which is likely the result of having to look after Sykor. Prior to joining with the rest of the Hunters, Strainor enjoyed the Phoenix's art classes. ("The Crescent") Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Strainor is nervous and scared all the time. His major responsibility as a Saber Tooth warrior is to hold Sykor’s leash, and since Sykor is constantly dragging him this way and that, it’s not an easy life. Strainor is basically allergic to pain and will fight hard in battle just to avoid being hurt. The other Saber Tooths know how nervous he is and like to play practical jokes, like making sudden, loud noises just to make him jump. Given that he spends all day trying to keep control of a crazed Saber Tooth, Strainor doesn’t really need help being afraid.



TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3

Mini-Movie Appearances[edit]


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