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2013, 2014

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Wilhurt is a wolf Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. He is a ruthless member of the wolf tribe and serves as an antagonist in Legends of Chima Online. Wilhurt is also a playable character in Laval's Journey and plays a minor role in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


Wilhurt has black arms, torso, and legs, and dark grey hands. His toes have markings of wolf-like toes, and he wears a red cloth with white markings. Over his chest, he wears a Chi necklace. His chest markings are light grey and muscular-looking.


Pack Tracker gunner

Wilhurt accompanied Worriz to help Cragger defeat Laval at the creek. However they never reached their destination as they were held up by Gorzan demanding they take a detour due to a flower in the middle of the road in the Great Forest. When they attempted to drive around it, Gorzan crashed their vehicle in his gorilla mech. ("The Warrior Within")

On the request of Crooler, Wilhurt and the other wolves ambushed the lion king Lagravis on his way back from the Rhino Quarry to keep them from reaching the city until the dam was finished. ("The Joyride")

Wilhurt was one of the wolves that attacked Eagle Spire after the eagles supposedly stole the Mother Tooth, but suspended the attack when the tooth was returned. ("Attack on Eagle Spire")

Prior to the hundred year moon phenomenon, Wilhurt went to the Rhino Quarry to warn the rhinos of it, only to learn that the rhinos were unaware of what a moon was. During the hundred year moon night, Wilhurt rampaged through Chima with all of the other wolves until the night ended. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

About to Chi-up

Wilhurt drove a speedor during the wolves chase to hunt down the beavers to take their Chi. Later he, and Worriz dug a whole in the middle of the main road through the Great Forest to distract the Rhinos to take their Chi as well. Wilhurt then assisted with the raid on the Lion City while the lion defenses were out protecting the raven's Chi. He then drove Worriz' escape pack tracker. The next day, Wilhurt and the other wolves ambushed the lions in the Grand Archway Canyon while transporting the bear's Chi. When Worriz found Windra in the wolf-copter remains, Wilhurt was present and stared at him questionably when the wolf leader expressed joy, something uncommon in the wolves. ("The CHI Jackers")

When it came time for Laval's peace talks, Wilhurt and Windra ordered Worriz to attend so that their tribe could receive more Chi. ("Reunion Gone Wrong")

Wilhurt was at the Wolf Camp with Windra and Winzar when Lagravis sent at the message that the Chima heroes had returned safely from the Outlands. ("This May Sting a Bit")

Wilhurt in the battle.

Following the return of the Hunters, Laval summoned an army to defend against them. Wilhurt and the other wolves accompanied the army to the Croc Swamp where they faced off against the hunters, only to eventually retreat. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

After the Bears were captured by the Vultures, Wilhurt and the other wolves decided to move into their forest. ("The King Thing")

In Laval's Journey[edit]

Wilhurt can be found in the eagle grasslands section of the hub where he requests the player to find him a grinding stone in exchange for the fast build red brick.

In Legends of Chima Online[edit]

Wilhurt is hypnotized by Reegull into moving crates for him. Later, the Commander and Elida find him in one of the dungeons and battle him. He is the boss of the Anteroom of Introspection dungeon.

LEGO.com Descriptions[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. Wilhurt

Just imagine Worriz, but without ANY redeeming qualities. Wilhurt only has two ambitions: to hunt, and to fight. When he is not doing either of them, he goes a little crazy. It’s best to keep him occupied. If he spends too long without hurting someone, he gets REALLY dangerous.


  • Wilhurt wears a white cape in all digital adaptations, but lacks one in the sets.
  • His name is a play on the words "will hurt".
  • He is the only black wolf in his tribe.


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Wilhurt Just imagine WorrizWilhurt</br></br>Just imagine Worriz, but without ANY redeeming qualities. Wilhurt only has two ambitions: to hunt, and to fight. When he is not doing either of them, he goes a little crazy. It’s best to keep him occupied. If he spends too long without hurting someone, he gets REALLY dangerous.hurting someone, he gets REALLY dangerous. +
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