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Are you... threatening us?
―Rawzom to Breezor

Rawzom is a raven Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. He is the king of the ravens, though plays a minor role in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. Rawzom is a playable character in Laval's Journey and Legends of Chima: Speedorz.


Rawzom is mainly black, with small amounts of purple, gold, red, and grey. On his legs he has three grey talons on each foot as well as goldish-tan knee protectors and purple feathers on his upper left leg, and a grey pouch on his right. He has gray stripes going all over his torso, with the raven symbol on his back. He has purple hands and black arms. He has a new armor piece in gold or sliver, depending on which set with his black wings attached to the back and a flat, transparent blue stud on the front. His head is double sided with a crown on each side along with squinting yellow eyes and a gray beak. His helmet is also black with red markings and a gold crown, along with a black beak.


Rawzom is the Grand Thief Master, or king, of the Raven tribe. He and the rest of the ravens sided with the Crocodiles, Rhinos, and Wolves in the Chima civil war. Like all Ravens, Rawzom specializes in stealth and thievery.

Rawzom took part in the majority of the Raven's schemes during the Chima civil war. During one of the market days, he, Razcal, and Razar stole Laval's speedor and repainted it to distract the lion guards for long enough so Ripnick could steal the Golden Chi. Laval later traded the raven's a box of nothing for his speedor back which the ravens then used to trade three rhino speedorz for. ("Market Day")

Bartering with Laval.

During the Eagle Spire battle, Rawzom was present when Laval and Eris arrived seeking air transport for the lions to assist the eagle tribe. Later, he and Razar congratulated Ripnick on a job well done for double crossing every tribe currently fighting. However, the two were alarmed to hear that the crocodiles planned to pull the eagle spire down and thus, eliminate all of their lion, eagle, and wolf customers. Rawzom and the rest of the ravens immediately took to their jets and destroyed the croc's chains, saving the day "for the customers."("Attack on Eagle Spire")

Rawzom assisted the other ravens to collect their CHI when Laval dropped it from the eagle jets as a way to evade the ever-powerful wolves. ("Balancing Act")

Rawzom with the rest of the elders.

Following the capture of the crocodile tribe by the wolves, Rawzom represented the ravens in the council of elders gathered to discuss the situation. ("Crocodile Tears")

Rawzom answered Laval's summon along with the rest of the ravens to shoot down the black cloud surrounding Mount Cavora. Following it's defeat, he celebrated with the tribes until Cavora's falls ceased flowing. ("The Black Cloud","Chima Falls")

He and the rest of the ravens were bribed by Cragger soon after to help him attack the Lion City and Rawzom flew a raven glider during the battle until Eris destroyed it. When the Crocodile Legend arrived, he and the other tribes ceased fighting and gathered round to hear Crunket's troubling news. ("[[For Chima!")

About midway into the battle against the Ice Hunters, the phoenix sent the Legend Beasts to protect the tribes. Rawzom was present at the raven village when the Raven Legend arrived. ("Cool and Collected")

LEGO.com Descriptions[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote) Rawzom

Grand Thief Master of the Ravens, Rawzom is not above petty thievery when the mood strikes him. He’s slick and practiced – be sure to double-check your pockets if he gets anywhere near! In addition to his petty larceny, Rawzom has excellent eyesight, making him a perfect tracker from high above CHIMA.


  • Rawzom is the king of the raven tribe, as stated here.
  • In the March–April LEGO Magazine an article misspelled his name Rawzum, and as well in the description for the weapon Slashersekt, he is named as "Rawsom" several times.
  • His tribe lives for trinkets and treasures and will do anything to get them.
  • He is one of only two in his tribe not to have prosthetics (artificial body parts), the other being Razcal.


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Rawzom Grand Thief Master of the RaRawzom</br></br>Grand Thief Master of the Ravens, Rawzom is not above petty thievery when the mood strikes him. He’s slick and practiced – be sure to double-check your pockets if he gets anywhere near! In addition to his petty larceny, Rawzom has excellent eyesight, making him a perfect tracker from high above CHIMA.m a perfect tracker from high above CHIMA. +
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