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Lion Legend

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Lion Legend is an animal that appears in the Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


The Lion Legend is one of the few animals that did not drink the Chi from Mount Cavora. It instead simple and departed into the Outlands with the other legends beasts. There it lived in peace for almost a thousand years until it returned to Chima when civil war broke out for the first time. The Lion Legend found Laval almost drowning by the Forever Rock after he was pushed in by Cragger and pulled him out of the river. The two returned to the Lion City where fighting stopped at the sight of the Lion Legend and tribes on both sides began to bow at it. Though Cragger attempted to attack the beast, he was quickly swatted away and his forces retreated. While the lions, gorillas, and eagles celebrated their victory, the Lion Legend quietly took his leave and returned to the Outlands. ("The Great Story")

The next month, Laval found himself pursued by the crocodiles and threw their Chi into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. He attempted to find the Lion Legend, but the beast only appeared at the edge of the Outlands after Laval and his friends had defeated Cragger's troops on their own. ("The Warrior Within")

Captive by the scorpions

However that Chi had evolved bats, scorpions, and spiders in the gorge which soon appeared in the Outlands seeking more Chi. At one point, Spinlyn and the spiders were sent to capture the Lion Legend, but it was saved by the exiled lion Lavertus. The two returned to his home where he crafted armour for the Lion Legend that would protect it from the Scorpion's sting.

Eventually, however, the Lion Legend was captured by the scorpions and taken back to their cave. Though they tried, the scorpions were unable to remove the beast's armour and eventually gave up, as they placed it on a small island in a lake. ("The Eagle and the Bear")

During the Hunter's final attack on the Lion City and Mount Cavora, the Lion Legend helped defend the city. ("The Heart of Cavora")


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