The Heart of Cavora

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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"The Heart of Cavora"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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Peder Pedersen


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive)


John Derevlany


Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Jeff Evans Todd (voice)
Christopher Molineux (voice)
Racquel Belmonte
Dave Pettitt (voice)
Cassandra Ford (voice)
Seann Shaffer(voice)
Michael Patric
Paula Hoffman

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

November 22, 2014


Legends of Chima

"The Heart of Cavora" is the 15th episode in the third season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and the 41st episode of the series as a whole. It is the final episode of the series.

Official Description[edit]

It is CHIMA's coldest hour. The Hunters have launched their final attack on the Lion City and Mount Cavora. The Tribes, aided by the Phoenix, fight bravely, but all hope rests on uncovering the rest of the eight ancient Fire Wings.


"It was Chima's coldest hour. The Hunters had launched their final attack on the Lion City and Mount Cavora. The tribes of Chima, aided by the Phoenix, fought bravely, turning the tide of the battle. There was even hope that we might even uncover the eight ancient Fire Wings, the only things powerful enough to save Chima. But then Sir Fangar released the ferocious ice bears. These are the Legends of Chima; the last Legends of Chima." - Opening monologue


Battle rages at the Lion City as the Hunters are bombarded by fire from the Chima tribes assisted by the phoenix and the tiger guards. As they retreat inside their fortress, Maula suggests that they surrender, but Sir Fangar remains confident that the Ice Bears will arrive. Maula laments that the Ice Bears are uncontrollable berserkers, but Sir Fangar points out that they love a good fight.


Sure enough, a commotion rises to the west as the Ice Bears tear through the wilderness. Their sheer ferocity takes the defenders off-guard, and their powerful Claw Driller mechs overwhelm the allied vehicles with ease. The Hunters penetrate the Lion Temple and begin stealing its Chi, but Lagravis tells Lavertus that they can still win with the Blazing Bastion on their side. However, the Hunters use the stolen Chi to empower Fangar's fortress, creating a massive tower of ice that reaches towards Cavora. The Blazing Bastion smashes into the tower and crashes in the jungle, leaving the tribes helpless to stop the Hunters from ascending towards the mountain.


Meanwhile, Cragger and Laval fly to the Rhino Quarry. Along the way, Laval asks Cragger how he built his new helicopter; Cragger admits that he'd been working on it since their first battle at the Eagle Spire, but he only figured out how to finish it after he gained the power of the Fire Wings. At the quarry, the duo finds Tormak and Li'ella with the Rhino's "unbreakable" rock. Tormak explains that the rock is another Phoenix defense system, and shatters it with the power of the Artifact, revealing the seventh Fire Wing Harness inside. Laval asks if Tormak and Li'ella will join them at the Forever Rock to find the eighth and final harness, but Tormak cryptically replies that they have another matter to tend to.


On their way to the Forever Rock, Laval and Cragger notice the ice tower rising towards Mount Cavora. Realizing that his city has fallen, Laval pleads to go and help, but Cragger points out more troops on their way towards the city. As they fly closer, the two are shocked to discover that it is none other than the bears, piloting mechs of their own and looking remarkably alert. Bladvic explains that his tribe awakened when they sensed the Ice Bears being revived - and they have always had the Bear Mechs, but have been too tired to actually use them. Bemused but relieved, Cragger and Laval continue onward to the Forever Rock; meanwhile, the Bears arrive at the Lion City and battle their icy counterparts.


At the Forever Rock, Laval and Cragger find Eris, who has yet to locate the final Fire Wing Harness. She then receives a vision from Fluminox, who encourages her to "search forever". Using that information, she looks under the rock, where the eighth harness is hidden. Eris tells Laval that she also knows that they need a member of each tribe to perform the Illumination; at Laval's suggestion, she does the honor of summoning them with a mighty eagle screech.


As the ice tower rises towards Cavora, Fluminox sits inside the Phoenix City, meditating. A worried Flinx wonders why his father is smiling, to which Fluminox replies that he smiles for Eris; the final phase of their plan is about to begin. Just then, the Hunters' ice tower reaches Cavora, freezing everything except the Phoenix's city; the Hunters advance and battle the Phoenix Pilots and Tiger Guards.

Back at the Forever Rock, all the heroes have arrived and Eris explains how they will trigger the Illumination by flying into the heart of Cavora. While some of them are reluctant at first, Laval gives an inspiring speech and they all don the harnesses, taking off towards Cavora with their new Fire Wings.


Meanwhile, on Mount Cavora, the Hunters storm and freeze the Phoenix City, breaking into the very heart of the temple. Flinx encourages his father to fight, but Fluminox remains confident that the Fire Wings are on their way. However, Sir Fangar has prepared for this eventuality - outside the mountain, the heroes are suddenly attacked by dozens of Vulture planes.


Within the city, Sir Fangar tells Flinx that Fluminox was responsible for ruining the previous Illumination; by refusing to jump into the heart of Cavora, he caused the abnormalities in the land of Chima, including the rise of Cavora and the Hunters' own deformation. Fluminox replies that Sir Fangar only knows part of the story; when the time came for him to enter the heart of Cavora, he heard the cry of his newborn son and vowed to linger in Chima to raise him. He admits that he felt extreme guilt for failing his tribe, but states that he also enjoyed an eternity of love and happiness by raising Flinx.


Disgusted by Fluminox's decision, Sir Fangar attacks Flinx, but Fluminox rushes into battle to protect him. The Phoenix King proves more than a match for his former student, but Sir Fangar retaliates by having all of his Hunters Chi-up and mob Fluminox. Pinned down by sheer weight of numbers, Fluminox instructs Flinx to be the ninth phoenix of the Illumination, but Sir Fangar declares that his victory is nigh.


Outside, the heroes are held at bay by the vulture fleet, but help arrives in the form of Tormak and Li'ella, piloting the Blazing Bastion. The renewed phoenix plane quickly clears a path to Cavora, allowing each hero to fly into the cavern corresponding to their tribe. As they collide in the center of the mountain, a bright light shines in the frozen temple; realizing what this means, Flinx leaps into the heart of the mountain. Sir Fangar's final attack is in vain as the child emerges, wreathed in flames that form a large phoenix. He pushes the Hunters out of the mountain before sweeping through Chima, melting the ice and causing flowers to bloom across the plains. Amid the melting ice, Sir Fangar discovers that he has been restored to his original self and jumps for joy - the other Hunters discover that they are similarly purified.


As the Illumination ends, Tormak and Li'ella land atop the Phoenix City, where the former is healed of his panther scars. Inside the mountain, the heroes find themselves to be alive; they climb out to the top of the mountain just as the Phoenix City disappears. Overhead, they watch as the Phoenix rise into the sky; Eris says that they "told" her (actually more of a feeling than a message) that their purpose is finally complete. Flinx and Fluminox wave goodbye before joining their tribe in ascending to their mother sun. As the Chima tribes celebrate their victory, Cragger asks Laval what he sees; the lion prince declares that he sees peace, hope, and friendship across the land. As he speaks, the view pans across Chima before zooming out to reveal that the entire land is floating above a much larger world.

As the scene fades to black, Cragger wonders how they're supposed to get down from the mountain.

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