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Rinona is a rhino Legends of Chima minifigure released in early 2014. She is the sister of Rogon and has appeared in a few episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and Mini-Movies.


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Rinona lived in the Rhino Quarry with the other rhinos. Following Mount Cavora's falls running dry, the tribes of Chima planned to send one of each tribe into the Outlands to rescue the Legend Beasts. Rinona's brother, Rogon was chosen to represent the rhino tribe and worried something might happen to him, she stowed away in his rock flinger.

Rinona presumably remained in the Rock Flinger overnight and the next morning, used the massive vehicle to blaze a trail for the warriors through the thick plants. She parked the Rock Flinger by the Spider Canyon and hid underneath a blanket so by the time the heroes caught up and searched the truck for a driver, they found only a rock in the cockpit. She remained hidden for a while longer until Rogon's brain boost given to him by the Rhinoceros Legend when nearby caused him to deduce that his sister had driven the Rock Flinger and revealed her hiding place to the others. ("A Tangled Web")

The following day, Rinona stayed behind once again and attempted to help Worriz locate the Mother Wolf using the Sacred Tooth. Her efforts were in vain though as she continuously annoyed him throughout the day. ("The Eagle and the Bear")

On the fifth day in the Outlands, Rinona remained at Lavertus' home with him while the others went to rescue Cragger and Worriz who had been captured the night before. ("This May Sting a Bit")

Some time after the defeat of the Crawlers, Rinona visited Laval at the Lion Temple and presented him with Lavertus' journal. She also helped the hero's transform the fallen warrior's home into a museum.

After the second Illumination, Rinona celebrated their victory over the Hunters with the other tribes in the ruins of the Lion City. ("The Heart of Cavora")

LEGO.com Descriptions[edit]

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Rhinos aren’t known for their intelligence but the girls are actually pretty smart! Rinona is no exception! She stows away on Rogon’s Rock Flinger to keep him out of trouble…and because she doesn’t want to miss anything!



TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3

Mini-Movie Appearances[edit]


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Rinona Rhinos aren’t known for their intelligence but the girls are actually pretty smart! Rinona is no exception! She stows away on Rogon’s Rock Flinger to keep him out of trouble…and because she doesn’t want to miss anything! +
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