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Runk is a rhino Legends of Chima character who appears occasionally in the animated series, and as a playable character in Laval's Journey. He is a boss in Legends of Chima Online along with his best friend, Rukus.


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Runk has light grey skin and wears blue trousers. A Chi necklace hangs over the top of his torso while chains are wrapped around his stomach. His larger dark grey horn is tapped to his head.


Runk lives in the rhino quarry. Like all other rhinos, he is dim-witted and shares their fascination with rocks.

Shortly after the first battle in the Chima civil war, Runk and Rukus accompanied Rogon to retrieve their Chi at the lion city. On their way home, they encountered Gorzan in the Great Forest who ordered them to take a detour due to a flower in the middle of the road. At first the rhinos were reluctant, but eventually agreed only to become lost in the forest. ("The Warrior Within")

Fighting with Rukus

Runk and Rukus were in the midst of a fight when Lagravis arrived at the Rhino Quarry seeking a peace treaty. When the king of the lions broke up the fight, the two rhinos explained that they only fought when they were happy. Lagravis then presented a map of Chima and explained the advantages of joining their alliance, but the rhinos easily became distracted as Runk drew a picture on the map. Eventually, the lion distress roar called the lions back to their city before a treaty could be reached. ("The Joyride")

Selling rocks

At the next Chi-day market, Runk, Rukus, and Rogon manned a booth where they attempted to sell "limited supply" rocks. When Laval revealed to them that the world was full of rocks, the rhinos were overjoyed to hear that they were rich. Later, Runk and Rukus traded Razar three rhino speedorz for a box of nothing. ("Market Day")

Runk and Rukus were present when Wilhurt came to warn Rogon of the hundred year moon phenomenon. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

Watching Rogon draw his picture

At the Chi-day race wherein Furty spread rumors and lies to get the crowd to turn against each other, Runk and Rukus observed Rogon draw a heart with him and Eris inside. After the wolves escaped with their stolen Chi, Runk and Rukus came across the wounded Rogon being comforted by the eagle herself. Rogon whispered to Runk his wish for Eris to kiss him and the rhino relayed the message. Eris agreed and kissed him, prompting Rogon to spring up and dance joyously around. ("Foxtrot")

After breaking the invisible bridge

Around the time of the next Chi-day race, Runk, Rukus, and Rogon arrived to find that the races had been canceled due to the wolf activity. Lagravis distributed the Rhinos their Chi, which they used some of the orbs to destroy nearby rocks. On their way back to the Rhino Quarry, they encountered Worriz who informed them that they had created an invisible bridge and begged the Rhinos not to break it. The Rhinos ran across the bridge, but fell into the hole (as there was no bridge in the first place) leaving their speedorz carrying the Chi unguarded for the wolves to steal. They eventually returned to the Quarry empty handed, but the eagles soon delivered another package of the orbs using their jets to evade the wolves. ("The CHI Jackers")

Not long after, Cragger arrived at the Rhino Quarry with homemade Chi from Reegull that he was distributing to the other tribes as an apology gift. Runk plugged one of the orbs and experienced the unintended side effects of behaving like a bird for a few days. ("Fake CHI, Real Trouble")

A while later, Runk and some of the other rhinos were carrying Chi across the Grand Archway when the black cloud came through and grabbed their Chi, leaving behind the sleeping Bladvic. He later helped the other tribes defend Mount Cavora from the black cloud. ("The Black Cloud")

Eris arrives

They eventually managed to send the cloud in retreat, but their victory celebration was short lived as the Black Cloud had stopped the falls of Mount Cavora, cutting off the supply of Chi. A large earthquake sent the tribes fleeing back to their village, but Runk and the other rhinos were soon visited by Cragger. The crocodile king presented them with a truckload of rocks in exchange for their loyalty in the upcoming attack on the Lion City. The rhinos eagerly agreed and Runk and Rukus guarded the entrance to the quarry when Laval and Eris arrived. ("Chima Falls")

Runk manned the rhino booth with Rogon at the first market day following the defeat of the Crawlers. ("Fire Dreaming")


When the lions, wolves, rhinos, and eagles marched to the crocodile swamp to face the Hunters for the first time, Runk and Rukus accompanied them on rhino bikes. They were frozen early on in the battle, yet managed to escape. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

Runk helped the other Chima tribes to ambush the Hunters with rocks when they entered a canyon. When Cragger ordered a retreat, Rukus, Rogon, and Runk threw rocks at Sir Fangar, but ran away before he could free them. ("The Call of Cavora")

Following the destruction of the ice fortress, Rogon, Rukus, and Runk helped search the land for any signs of the Hunters. ("The Artifact")

In Laval's Journey[edit]

The Wolves take Runk and Rukus with them when they go and attack Eagle Spire as the prophecy of the Triple Chi Armor spoke of the necessity of having an eagle, rhino, and wolve to unlock the chest armor. In the hub, he can be found in the rhino quarry where he requests a tribe stone.

In Legends of Chima Online[edit]

Runk and Rukus are tasked by the crocs with guarding Reegull until they are defeated by the Commander and Elida. Later while under the control of the raven alchemist, they are sent to retrieve one of the Tears of Cavora, but are once again defeated.

Laval's Journey Descrption[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. The only thing Runk and his best buddy Rukus love more than riotous laughing it riotous fighting. On the plus side, they never hold a grudge. Battle is a sport to them, and win or loose, once the fight is over they have no hard feelings towards anyone.


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 1
  • Season 3

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The only thing Runk and his best buddy Rukus love more than riotous laughing it riotous fighting. On the plus side, they never hold a grudge. Battle is a sport to them, and win or loose, once the fight is over they have no hard feelings towards anyone. +
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